Lenten Observance Failure

So for lent I kind of gave up a bunch of little stuff just trying to live more simply but like in a few areas I kind of faltered and I’m just kind of stressing out now that it is Easter whether or not I should continue with the Lenten observances or what. I never really explicitly gave some stuff up I just sort of had this intention and stuck to it until I messed up so I don’t know what I should do…

Lent is not about “giving up” or “doing it up” but about changing your heart for Jesus. Lent is over, but that change should stay.

If you “failed” at lent you leanred you need to work harder at something. Work harder, then, that is not lent, that is life.

You’re not required to give stuff up. It’s fine if you do, but you haven’t sinned if you didn’t.

But you can always improve your spiritual life anytime you like.

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