Lenten Reflections


Hubby and I use this EWTN feature and love it. It is a great resource for learning about Lent as well as directing ourselves instead of just being"oh yeah, it’s Lent…let’s give something up and not forget about the fast and abstinence days":o

If you’ve never used it before just click on the current day…

anyone else use it?



Thanks for the site Malia. I think I might use it. My parish gave us 2 booklets of how they want us to observe Lent. One is called “Little Black Book” and the other one was done by our Diocese.

My old parish used to give us the “Word Among US” magazine for the season of Lent which had great reflections too. I’m thinking of visiting my old parish to see what they have this yr.

But having this site helps a lot. Makes Lent more special in my house since my husband isn’t Catholic and isn’t living at home for now :frowning:


I’ve never used it before (became a Catholic last year!) but it seems like it would be very helpful during the next 40 days. I like the reflections that it has for each day and the lenten actions that it suggests. Thanks for sharing!! :slight_smile:


I don’t use that particular bit, but if you go to EWTN’s audio library Fr Groeschel has done a wonderful series of 40 5-minute reflections, each one geared to a specific day of Lent. I plan on listening to that this year among other things :slight_smile:



Here’s another site I found. We often do the EWTN one for Lent and for Advent during our nightly family prayer time.


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