Lenten Sacrifice

Hello, all! I was wondering whether it was a sin to cheat on one’s
Lenten sacrifice (on days other than Sunday, that is).

It is a voluntary penance and you can decide to discontinue it - for a day or completely.

Whether that is sinful is between you and God really, depending on your reasons, but it is not in itself sinful.

It is voluntary so it is your decision.

Did you make a promise to uphold this sacrifice, either to yourself or to God? By “promise” I don’t mean that you said or thought the particular words, “I promise…” I mean did you somehow make a firm resolution? Either to yourself or to God?

You may not morally forfeit a promise (provided the promise itself is not immoral), even if it is a promise made to yourself, without compelling cause (and a weakness of the will is not normally considered a compelling cause).

God expects us to be honorable in our promises - even (and especially) in promises made to ourselves. Think about it: if we cannot trust a promise we make to ourselves, how could we expect ANYBODY to trust a promise made to them?

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