Lenten things for elementary school aged kids


I am a Godmother as well as an aunt to my 8 year old niece and 10 year old nephew.

The kids were received fully into the church at Easter vigil, and now its their first Lent as Catholics.

I was wondering what types of things are appropriate for kids that age to either give up or do for a good deed for Lent. I was thinking of perhaps having them donate a few unneeded toys to a charity shop, doing some chore without being asked, etc.

Any ideas are welcome.


perhaps have them agree on one day a week to eat less-no snacks, desserts, meat or whatever, and together figure out how much money was saved–even take them to the store to compare prices and shop for their “fast day”–and donate the money to the local hunger center or the poor in your parish.

If your parish has Operation Rice Bowl they can do this as a group, but they can on their own make savings banks and put any earned or unexpected gift money, or work specifically to earn money, for Catholic Relief Services who helps in Haiti among other places

rule off a piece of paper in a 6-week lent calendar or use a computer app to print one, and have them on their own commit to one act of prayer, giving, or fasting each day.


I'm sure you'll get many good answers here. I am still cultivating my own domestic church, so I don't have any first hand advice, but here are some links that may help:

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