Lentsgiving 2020

(a.k.a. my annual shellacking re. the plea to Don’t shop on Thanksgiving.)

I’ve posted this in a few years past, and the replies remain the same:

  1. My church/religion doesn’t recognize Thanksgiving as a holy day.
  2. My family and I happen to love shopping; that is how we celebrate Thanksgiving.
  3. The workers are really happy to have a job.
  4. If I didn’t shop on Thanksgiving, the stores would still be open and the workers would still be working.
  5. TOM, you’re being kinda Puritan, aintcha?

But what do you think? Is it different this year?

Lent-on-the-calendar has come and gone, but are we living in Lent-as-a-season-of-the-heart?

Do you think that those of us who have observed Lent are better prepared, less prepared, the same, for this most unusual of Thanksgivings?

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I have to say, as someone who’s reached the age where my shopping is limited anyway because I am trying to accumulate less stuff and downsize what I already have, I find the constant presentation of shopping as a moral issue to be largely irrelevant and somewhat annoying, regardless if we’re talking about Thanksgiving or any other time. I just got around to buying something I’ve had my eye on for well over 6 months because like I said I try to limit my shopping but I really wanted the item and I’m calling it my late birthday present to myself.

If someone is shopping to the point where it’s interfering with their relationship to God or family, or causing anxiety or disruption in their life, then maybe they need to cut it way back. As for the rest of us, we should be able to set individual limits. For one person that might mean they buy almost nothing and for another it might mean they buy “experiences, not things” and for a third it might mean limiting shopping to holidays or special days of which Black Friday or Cyber Monday might be one, because you can get deals or it’s a family fun event.

There is no “one size fits all” for shopping.
It does not make someone holier because they choose not to shop, unless they’re skipping church and running their family into debt with bad shopping habits to begin with.


Never shopped on Thanksgiving.

I don’t shop on Thanksgiving or the day after, but if someone else wants to, that is their call.

This year actually is different. As far as I can tell, our mall will have very little open on Thanksgiving, including WalMart.


Yeah, I can’t imagine there will be big Black Friday in-person events. Likely there will just be cyber events all weekend.

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That’s what I think too. I have been doing a little shopping for Christmas already. I live in an area where if you see something, you need to get it immediately. There is no going back, it will be gone, and that’s it.
I shop in person before Thanksgiving, and mostly online afterward.

(I am sure some people will see that as a problem as well, we have had threads about it already.)

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I’ve shopped on Thanksgiving before. It was a thrilling experience and made me feel very worldly :smiling_imp:


Don’t think I ever shopped on Thanksgiving, but we did used to have a tradition of going to punk bars on that day. One place would serve free turkey dinner for anyone who didn’t have a place to go, another would have a big show people could attend after family dinner. Unfortunately both these places are defunct and I’m getting old so not in the mood to find another to visit. I always thought it was nice to provide a place for those folks who did not have families or were on the outs with them.

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Since we are always done with our Thanksgiving meal by 4:00 pm, I enjoy going to stores and walking off that tendency to go into a coma. This year will be different for me as I’m high risk in the Covid department and avoid crowds. Instead, I’ll probably take a neighborhood walk then log into some favorite stores and do some serious comparison shopping. It won’t be the same. :cry:

@Pattylt, who knows, maybe it will be better! :wink:

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Well, Thanksgiving is only weeks away and I doubt Covid will be decreasing soon. My hope is that by Christmas we can gather the whole family together. We aren’t going to do the whole crowd for Thanksgiving this year. Too many high risk members and its surging here.:scream:

Come on vaccine!

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The poor workers over at Amazon will be even more overworked.

I know someone who works at an Amazon warehouse. They time you and to make the time you have to be at a dead sprint all of the time.

It really takes a toll on the body.

We could write a whole song to the tune of “Come on Eileen” only change it to “Come on Vaccine” :crazy_face:

Come on Vaccine
The COVID-19
is a headache
So Come On, Vaccine

Our life is a mess
From the east to the west
We can’t gather
Till we get vaccine


It’s surging here too and it’s not even holiday season yet.

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Keep going @Tis_Bearself! I think you will have a hit on your hands! :joy:


It’s a hit!

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Yeah it’s different this year. I haven’t seen a single Black Friday ad, and I don’t expect to see one. I would imagine anything like a Black Friday event would be shut down.

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It’s great that retail workers get to go in to work and deal with cranky and unreasonable customers on a National holiday celebrated with friends and family.

And of course all the bosses are right there alongside them working their butts off too, right?


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The lower level bosses maybe.

Some of my extended family ran a catering business and they always worked on holidays, especially Christmas and Thanksgiving.


Having had, with the rest of this country, a probably permanent Lent slapped upon me, I am not minded to take on one whit more sacrifice.


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