Leo Schreven teachings


Gods peace be with all of you friends of God,

I was watching Leo Schreven during one of my breaks at work today on a “Christian” channel. He preaches how the Catholic Church changed the Lords day to Sunday and many other interesting topics. He preaches that the “Church of Rome” is is talked about in his Bible as Satan’s church. (i.e. “Roman” rite of the Catholic Church)

I enjoy watching him preach as he is so energetic and devoutly ANTI-“Roman” Catholic. I often catch him using something to prove his point then later proving his evidance he just used is false? The evidence is OK when it seems to support him but wrong when it seems to be part of the “Church of Rome”. I herd a Protestant preacher once use Geology for example to prove the flood happened in the Bible then later in the same hour prove Geology a false man made science since the world could not be more then 6,000 years old as Geology suggests? Hum…?:hmmm:

Anyway, are there any websites that correct the lies, misstruths and halftruths that Lea preaches about? (It would only be a lie if you know it is a lie. Some people believe the lies as if they were truth though) A web site that helps people to see through the great job Leo does of missguiding Jesus loving Christians into his deceptions?

He is a gifted speaker and his arguments seem valid - valid that is unless you know the truth and can ‘see’ through his well honed deception.

God bless,


This guy is just one of many people who make their living attacking the Church that Jesus Christ established. He does not deserve a website dedicated to debunking him specifically. But **everything **he says has already been debunked - here (many times over, I might add).


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