Leon Panetta: "We largely govern by crisis"


“In our democracy, we govern either by leadership or by crisis. If leadership is not there, make no mistake about it, we will govern by crisis and, right now, we largely govern by crisis.”

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Panetta echoed the same comments the other night when he was on Fox News The O’Reilly Factor. Bill asked him the $64,000 question about Benghazi where Panetta did say that it was an attack from Terrorists. Can’t say I’m surprised but why can Bill O’Reilly get Panetta onto his show but the Republican Congress can’t subpoena Panetta to get the same answer?


To govern by crisis is the crux of liberalism. It’s strictly reactive by it’s very nature.


The worst part about the conflicts we’re facing is that we have to endure the politics of this administration for another entire year.

I can only wonder what the ME will look like one year from now. I predict civil wars in Turkey and Lebanon.


The story of Joseph teaches us that good governing is preparing for the future. Joseph was able to advise the Pharo to save grain for the upcoming seven year drought.

I rarely watch the news (not suitable for toddler eyes & ears). When I do watch the news it uses fear almost to the point where it’s comical. Weather-now leads many programs with flashing yellow & red to scare the viewers. IMO since we technology reaches ore people, we will see more crazy weather, but the majority of weather is plesent and cyclical. Now, relate this to governing … Should weather really be out of control due to human inventions, shouldn’t the governments prepare to handle food, commerse, and law during catastrophies like hurricane Katrina?

Second head lines in news typically are diseases. Does any one really elieve a disease can be kept out because of a boarder sign? Ebola, Enteovirious D68, whooping cough … At any point in time we will have a pandemic causing problems. Instead of spending the majority of resources on prevention of the virous, I would feel more confident in the government on plans to deal with a pandemic after it starts. Currently, I only see glimpses of how the contries in Africa are dealing with this. My thoughts are if we get many people who are sick, we will have shortages in basic needs. If truck drivers get sick and can’t deliver food, gas, and other goods from California to New Mexico … How will the government serve ís people? Further, with mass deaths government will need mass burials. I get glimpses of what happens in Africa, but question if this is the best solution for more developed contries with more condensed populations.

Where is our Joseph to advise our govt.'s?


I don’t know about a Lebanese civil war, but it’s exceedingly likely that the US will invade it or at least conduct a large scale bombing campaign:
I’d really recommend studying that link if you’re unfamiliar with it. I wonder how future generations will characterize us? Obama has so far involved the United States in seven wars since winning the Nobel Peace Prize. (Of course, we haven’t actually declared war since 1942.) I believe the current rationale is something along the lines of, “We must kill Syrians in order to stop Syrians from killing other Syrians,” or something like that. One year from now I predict the US will be bombing Lebanon and Iran for world peace and other high-minded and noble-sounding humanitarian reasons.


I think Panetta is overstating it. This government does not even react to crises.


I think it would be more accurate to say that the govt manufactures fake crises and then presses for more govt control to “fix” this manufactured crisis.


That is an interesting observation.

And thanks for the link.

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