Lepanto (1571)

today mark the 436 years anniversary the victory of the Battle of Lepanto. Our Lady of Victory /Rosary is with us today. let us pray the rosary for the month of October.
our spirit is never died. keep up the good spirit.

May the Force be with you.

Benedicite Deus…


The story of the battle of Lepanto in inspiring indeed. Is there a movie based on it ?

well so far no movie based on it. but i hope someday Mel Gibson will direct it. and this movie things mentioned before in this forum…


A remarkable testimony to the power of the rosary and prayer.

Too few Catholics remember, or know about, Lepanto. Without that victory we might all be speaking an Arab language, and the Catholic Church would be underground. Yikes, that’s what they want today too. Pray the rosary every day!

Sad that I’ve seen absolutely no official mention around here either of the Feast of the Holy Rosary or of the Battle of Lepanto :frowning:

One more thing about Lepanto.
This battle and the battle of the Siegue of Vienna saved western Europe from a turkish conquest. Mel is working in the Vienna Siegue. No version ever of Lepanto. Miguel de Cevantes writter of Don Quixote fougth in that battle and lost control of one hand.
Also a interesting data:
Were all hear about the Templars, but in that battle several ships were manned by the other great military order, a order that unlike the Templars still exist, the Knights of St John, todays Knights of Malta. So if one of you belongs to them congratulations!


ya, i almost forgot, how come no official mention about the feast…

Thank you for that. SMOM = Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a shortened version of the full name of the Order. Many of the stories of Lepanto are amazing and inspiring.

Lepanto died heart fans… very good… SMOM
Regina Coeli pray for us…

Benedicite Deus
In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti…

Like an spaniard I am proud of Lepanto.

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