For not by their own sword did they win the land, nor did their own arm give them victory; but thy right hand, and thy arm, and the light of thy countenance; for thou didst delight in them. - Ps 44:3

Today is the anniversary of the glorious victory of the Holy League against the Turkish Navy in the Battle of Lepanto. Pope St. Pius V, knowing that the Christian forces were decidely the underdog in this fight, instructed the faithful around the world to pray their rosaries around the clock on the day of battle. The Catholics won a great naval victory that day over the Turks and so St. Pius V declared a feast in honor of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary to celebrate the victory (and give credit where it is due).

The little beads of love that are strung on the rosary are bullets of destruction against the enemies of the Catholic Faith and the enemies of one’s salvation. In a simple chaplet, five decades of the rosary, the Holy Name of Jesus is invoked fifty-four times, and the Holy Name of Mary, one hundred and seven times. No Catholic should ever be without the rosary in his possession, night or day. The devil is afraid of these beads as they lie in our pockets or are held in our hands.

In celebration of this glorious victory, today would be an excellent day to pray for our Lady’s intercession that the dark Islamic lie might give way to the light of Christian truth, and that all the Muslim people might see the error of Mohammed’s deception and turn instead to the Catholic faith. Today would also be a great day to read G.K. Chesterton’s stirring epic poem, Lepanto.

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, pray for us!

Isn’t there a forum member around here with the screen name “Lepanto”? Perhaps we should all be especially nice to that person today. :slight_smile:

In Spain I visited the Lepanto chapel where the cross that adorned Don Juan’s flagship is still kept. An awesome moment for me. Given our current crusade against the Islamic radicals this day has a special meaning. Pray the rosary today for our victory over Islam and for the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Our Lady of Victory pray for us! Our Lady of the Rosary pray for us!

[quote=cestusdei]Pray the rosary today for our victory over Islam and for the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Our Lady of Victory pray for us! Our Lady of the Rosary pray for us!

That’s the spirit! Today is a perfect occasion for everyone to pray the Rosary for the triumph of the Kingdom.

A couple of year’s ago some people were very distressed that we invaded Afghanistan on this Feast of Mary. They didn’t appreciate my noting that the original name for the day was Our Lady of Victory.

I just found this yesterday (perhaps a few days late, but still worthwhile), from the good folks at Tradition in Action. I especially liked the painting of Sts. Peter, Roch, Justine & Mark petitioning Our Lady to help the Christian fleet. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

[quote=GrzeszDeL]I just found ]this

Thanks for the link - I hope they are looking down at the situation we re in right now - sigh.

A wee bit of good news. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

[quote=GrzeszDeL]A wee bit of good news. Enjoy. :slight_smile:


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