Lepanto2008 Pray for the Culture of Life!


Lepanto 2008; Battling for the Culture of Life through the power of the rosary.


The site is specifically aimed at getting prayer commitments “pledges” to pray that the dignity of human life from conception to natural death is preserved. Especially as it applies to any legislation in the United States. Please help protect the unborn, born, and elderly, who all hold the utmost value as persons, by pledging on the website to pray for the culture of life to prevail once a day for the next four years.



Thank you. I will…but the site itself only allows location options for residents of United States to register. God bless you, Trishie



Will do! I’m commited (not in THAT way). Prayers for you also!



I pray for the survival of the unborn daily!


I do to. It is the most important prayer that I do.


If you go to the bottom of the drop down menu for the location there is an, “Out of Country” option.

God bless.

Please pass this along. We are trying to get 30million rosaries (intentions). That’s roughly 10% of the US population. Of course we’d love to get global commitments as well. Thanks Mate!



Please pledge then. You only commit to adding an intention to your daily rosary for the culture of life. Every prayer helps and it is re-assuring to Catholics world wide to be able to come together on the issue in an organized fashion.

Thanks and God Bless.



We are up to 276670 rosaries!

EWTN has linked to our site!
Vist the link below and look under “Prayers” on the right hand side of the page!

View our statistics page at:


Get those in your community to sign up by printing off our community signup sheet!


God Bless!


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