Les Banlieues: Poor and Muslim in Paris


CBSN investigates the policies and conditions that have contributed to radicalism in France:

Video News Report from CBC News (you have to watch one commercial in order to see it):



For those of us who are soccer fans, we know the Banlieues have likely produced a number of soccer/football stars including Zinedine Zidane, who has Algerian heritage but more specifically, seems to hail from an exact tribe or klan there. They say a lot of the warfare there in parts is due to tribal differences. Perhaps we’d associate such “tribal” differences more with African parts such as Kenya or Nigeria but it is in the Maghreb (Northern Africa) as well.

I once read a book in soccer and it talked about Zidane in the train station with the team and he looked like so other Middle-Eastern men you might see, wearing a toboggan cap, carrying a duffle bag over his shoulder and looking a bit aimless. But of course, Zidane would be among those who are called the best to ever play the game with many folks.

Samir Nasri would be a current day “star” who hails from that same-kind of background.

I’m personally skeptical of a number of “modern soccer stars”, not naming names because of the use of performance enhancers in sports nowadays.


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