Les Wexner renounces Republican Party affiliation after Obama stops in Columbus

Les Wexner renounces Republican Party affiliation after Obama stops in Columbus

Suzanne Goldsmith, Senior Editor, Columbus Monthly


Sep 15, 2018 at 12:01 AM

After former Democratic President Barack Obama made a quiet stop in Columbus on Thursday night, the wealthiest Republican supporter in the state told a small audience at a Downtown event that he is fed up and has quit the Republican Party.

“I just decided I’m no longer a Republican,” said L Brands CEO Leslie H. Wexner, speaking during a panel discussion about civility at Miranova’s Ivory Room billed as a “Columbus Partnership and YPO Leadership Summit.”

“I’m an independent,” he said. “I won’t support this nonsense in the Republican Party. I’ve been a Republican since college, joined the Young Republican Club at Ohio State.

Biggest donor, billionaire in Ohio, one takes the good and the bad in posting news.

Now, it comes out, L Brands which Wexner owns, in turn owns Victoria’s Secret. So, that would give some mixed emotions. Not a deal-breaker with me, not a positive either.

There are quite a few whom have quit the Republican Party, much of it due with what some have called the end of the party as it’s become the “Party of Trump”. Some of them include George Will (former chief editor of the “National Review”), former representative Joe Scarborough (R-Fl), Mike Murphy, Nicole Wallace, etc.

My parents were staunchly Republican, but this certainly isn’t their Republican Party.

Sometimes people do this.

I was raised Democrat and held office in the party myself. I stopped supporting it when it became obvious to me that I could not be true to that party and to the teachings of the Church at the same time.

Never became a Republican. I’m just me. But I never vote Democrat because all of them that appear on my ballot are abortion-supporters.

It never is. The Goldwater republicans couldn’t recognize the Reagan republicans. And the republicans under Bush junior certainly had a lot of differences from Reagan and his moral majority. The republicans in Congress who have opposed trump tend to be the least effective at doing their job in the past anyway. What has the Republic in Congress in the last 10 years done up until passing tax reform? Theyve been on the losing side even when they were in power most of the time. good riddance to that party.

Except that the “tax reform” that was passed is really not reform at all and it certainly ain’t conservative in any way.

BTW, sorry for the two spelling errors as company dropped in and I didn’t have a chance to catch my errors.

It was for me. :slight_smile: I liked it just fine. And it might well prove to be conservative beyond all expectations, including Trump’s.

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Notta chance as it’s already ramping up the deficit and rapidly so. The non-partisan CBO estimate is $1.4 trillion over 10 years.

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