Lesbian and Catholic...is that possible?

I am a lesbian but will not go to any other church besides the Catholic Church. However, I have been discouraged to go because I am not allowed to receive Him in the Mass, since I am living in with my girlfriend and I cannot have a valid confession…how is it possible for me to be lesbian and not receive the Sacraments? :shrug:

Dear friend,

There is no reason to be discouraged. The fact that you exist at this very moment is evidence of the Lord’s love for you. He continually expresses that love with every beat of your heart. He also was willing to allow His heart to stop as the result of much suffering on your behalf.

All that He asks of you is that you save your sexual fulfillment for Him. It is very possible to have same sex attraction, be celibate and live a very fulfilling life. He can make that happen if you want Him to. Here is an interview I did with a person in your situation:


You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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