Lesbian Teacher at Ohio Catholic School Won't Get Her Job Back

When she was fired after her lesbian relationship became publicly known, there was much criticism in the media and by some local people against the Catholic diocese for terminating her. Then she went to court as her final effort at reinstatement at her Columbus Ohio area Catholic school, an attempt which has now failed.
see www.wkyc.com/news/state/article/310624/23/Lesbain-teacher-at-ohio-catholic-school-wont-get-her-job-back

I don’t understand why anyone would expect a different outcome. She signed a contract and violated it.


The circumstances under which she broke it do not change the fact that she broke it. Just watch, now she’s going to go after the School for having discriminatory contracts.

Hmmm. Then wouldn’t it be logical to also sue herself for signing it? :rolleyes:

Such intolerance is unworthy of our church. The action is in direct conflict with the recent words of the Holy Father regarding homosexuality. Every time a person like this is sacked, people struggling with their sexuality in our church tend to leave because they feel unloved. This woman was not promoting gay and lesbian rights within the school. She had a private relationship outside the school. These employment contracts that define how one should live outside the school are ridiculous. Sex before marriage is technically forbidden by the church, how many single heterosexual teachers loose there jobs for engaging in unmarried sex?
Our church is being shot to bits by gay rights activists, and we are providing the ammo. This woman should have received our help, love and prayers not her pink slip and our wroth!


She shouldn’t have been fired on that relationship alone if she was being chaste.

(A) No, it isn’t. We are called not to scandalize others by our actions, and especially children. Jesus himself made that clear, and what the consequences were for those who did.

(B) “Intolerance” isn’t a sin and “tolerance” isn’t a virtue, much less a Catholic virtue; it’s a leftist value.

© “Tolerance” means something, I suspect, different from what you’re taking it to mean. Specifically “tolerance” means reluctantly accepting an evil you have no authority to combat justly. But the Church does have authority over who it hires and what standards it holds them to as a condition of employment.

No, it isn’t. Pope Francis’ words touched specifically on people struggling with homosexual desire but living chastely – not on recalcitrant perverts who scandalize children and perjure themselves.

The Church does not owe people the willy-nilly validation and acceptance of their lifestyles, much less is doing so an act of “love.” If this woman is so unrepentant that she would prefer her sordid exploits to the Church of Christ then she cannot possibly be saved, anyway.

A “private relationship” which was forbidden per the terms of the contract she wittingly signed and serially violated.

Plenty do. There were big stories here a few months back about a few unmarried teachers who were fired after becoming pregnant. Surprise surprise, folks like you didn’t care much for those stories, either.

I’m pretty sure that the scandalous kvetching of laity like you is doing more harm to the Church than any gay rights activists she unwittingly, however briefly, employs.

Very nasty personal attack on my person!:frowning:

Just a thought for Didascalia… reading John 8 on the response of Jesus to sexual sin… no condemnation but the instruction, “Go and sin no more,”

By all means forgive the sinner as He does, but welcome the repentance, the turning away from the life of sin. Arms open to the Prodigal returning to the family.

There is none of that here. No awareness of sin

I am old now; in my youth we never talked about such issues. Sexuality was as it should be private Not vaunted and flaunted like this. We never had any idea of our teachers were ???It simply was never an issue. These activists make it thus

The Church cannot be shot to pieces by upholding morality but by steadfastly abiding by the teachings of God. we may become less “popular” but since when was that our aim!

I have found that such activists refuse our love and support UNLESS we condone and approve their errant lifestyle

I agree Didascalia, that was a very nasty personal attack. Pray for him. I gree with you, we should endevour to pray, help and love those who struggle with there sexuality.

Actually, what happened to her is directly in concert with the words of our Holy Father regarding homosexuality. Yes, we should treat homosexuals with compassion but he also said that the Catechism is very clear on the subject. Homosexuality is disordered and to act upon it is gravely wrong. A Catholic school should not be in a position to even be thought to be endorsing an immoral lifestyle.

Homosexual unions and sex before marriage are both sinful but they are nowhere near the same morally. It is dishonest to try to make a comparison. But since you did, how many Catholic school teachers publish their sexual relationships like she did? She made it public and there are consequences. From all accounts, there were many in the school who knew about her orientation. She got loads of love, prayers and support up until the point in time when** she **decided to throw it all in the face of the Church.

Very well stated.

This action is not at all in contradiction with what Holy Father Francis has said.

We are absolutely supposed to avoid any unjust discrimination against homosexual people (as we are to so avoid with any people). But the key word here is “unjust”.

It is not unjust to expect that the teachers at our Catholic schools live the faith we are working to inculcate in our children.

Marriage is not a private thing but a very public thing. To attempt to enter into a “gay marriage” is a public act that runs counter to Catholic moral teaching. When Catholic school teachers do such things, it undermines the school’s credibility and their ability to form children in the faith.

This is not to disparage that teacher. I’m sure she’s a fine woman and she possesses the same inherent dignity that we all do as human beings made in the image and likeness of God. But we cannot allow every nice person to teach at our Catholic schools indiscriminately. Catholic schools have an obligation to pass on the faith. We need teachers that fully support that mission. If they do not, then it is just to end their employment.

Maybe I should start a new thread for this, but:

I happen to know for a fact that a man newly hired as the DRE of a parish is in an active homosexual relationship. I do not know whether they are legally married; although they wear wedding rings, they live in a state that has no legal recognition of SSM. Would I be wrong to inform the bishop? Would I be wrong to NOT inform the bishop?

I would start with the pastor before going to the bishop.

Very nasty personal attack on my person!

Not an attack, not personal.

Once again, someone doesn’t understand the sin of giving scandal and reacts with a knee jerk when the word is used. :frowning:

You have diverged on a complete tangent. I did not mention gay marriage, were did that come from?] nor did I say that I support gay marriage, nor did I say that I supported the gay lifestyle because I don’t, but when it comes to judging sexual behaviour and sacking people for it we should be very carful. People within our sacred church have committed much worse sexual perversions and continue to draw salaries and pensions from it.

Matthew 7:4
How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?

The School was completely justified in this in light of Catholic teaching. Moral of the lesson: Don’t teach in a Catholic school if you aren’t prepared to live a Catholic lifestyle.

I have a feeling the pastor knows and doesn’t care.

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