"Lesbian 'Throuple' Proves U.S. Justice Scalia Right on Slippery Slopes About Gay Marriage"


see www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/apr/25/editorial-throuple-in-paradise/


Didn’t need to be ‘proven.’ Some already knew.


If this were to get approved, what would come next, harems?


Not even close to being correct. The polygamy slope slipped a long time ago with Joseph Smith.




Yeah sometimes people need a history lesson.


Thr-up-le? Thr-oo-ple? Why not call it bigamy and be done?

“It’s big of me, too!”



Polyamory was pretty common prior to this. Scalia didn’t “predict” anything that wasn’t already happening. I’m not even sure why this is news. Their marriage isn’t legally recognized anyway.:shrug:


I have to say, as someone who was open to same-sex civil unions, this really disappoints me. All I heard from my pro-gay-marriage friends for YEARS was that the slippery slope argument is invalid.

And here we are. :frowning: Lord have mercy.

I think this is, however, a natural extension of a consent-based view of marriage.


Polyamory has been common? Outside of fundamentalist Mormon circles, where?


The Mormons were strictly polygamous meaning one man with more than one spouse. Indiscriminate polyamory has never had mainstream or legal value. It has no natural law legitimacy.


Whoops, should have paid closer attention to the words before I posted :blush:

Regardless, I just can’t see polyamory as a sensible practice. Ignoring religious teaching on the matter, you’re still left with multiple people all trying to be romantically committed to each other. I can’t help but think that the eventual outcome would be a lot of jealous, and at least one person having their heart broken in the end.



Who uses British tabloids for sources?


No potential story is too far fetched when it involves Massachusetts :smiley:


The people at 4chan say hi and send their approval. ;):stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the difference between bigamy and polygamy?


Most major cities have active poly communities. The Wikipedia page on it said that there were an estimated 500,000 poly families in the US, but that there could be more because many keep it a secret. I don’t endorse this lifestyle, and I would NOT take it well if my husband suggested it. There’s no way I would live like that. But I remember that I first started hearing about this in the 90’s (though I’m sure it happened earlier), and I’ve continued to hear about it periodically since.

Here’s a CNN article on it. I didn’t read the whole thing, because quite frankly, I don’t care about what life is like in poly relationships. But it has a lot of info if you’re interested.h



And then there’s all those men with two families that got caught.


Interesting, thanks for the link. I just can’t see this as practical or fair to all involved.


Bigamy is having 2 wives simultaneously.

Polygamy is having an entire harem of wives.

Polyandry is a woman having multiple husbands simultaneously.

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