"Lesbian 'Throuple' Proves U.S. Justice Scalia Right on Slippery Slopes About Gay Marriage"


It’s never been about practicality or fairness. It’s about being entitled. It’s about getting THEIR demands met (regardless of the rights and needs of others). The movement trying to redefine marriage is more inspired by hedonism and egotism than by genuine needs and fairness.


I remember reading about this. I believe one was quoted as “coming out” as “poly”. If polyamory is accepted as a sexual orientation, then it will be given all the legal protections that entails. Those protections can then be used to bludgeon criticism or mockery.


How does this have anything to do with same sex marriage? This “throuple” has not had their marriage legalized, and is nowhere near being legalized. And they were probably already a throuple before same sex marriage was legalized?


Their life and rights affect you and others how, exactly?


We are all part of humanity, and of our society. Why are children murdered? Because we have unwanted pregnancies by selfish people. Why has this increased? Because children grow up with a modern, perverted since of marriage and sex. We have trained generations to do whatever feels good and that consenting adults can do whatever they want without hurting others.

Yet we all are still paying, taxes if nothing else, death if you are an unwanted child.


Polyamory isn’t sexual orientation.


I know it isn’t. But it doesn’t stop people from claiming it is. Science will hopefully stand in its way. Then, there will just be philosophies on how it’s more natural ans healthy.


I don’t want to distract from the rest of your post, but… Statistics show that teenage pregnancies, abortion, and violence have been steadily decreasing since the 1990s, in the US at least. Nobody is sure exactly why. Everybody can probably cite their own reasons for it. A lot has changed in those years yet the decrease has remained steady.

I agree strongly with you that in many ways our society has lost morals and has become perverted. Let us not lose sight of the fact, though, that in some ways (such as violence against children, sexism, and racism) we have actually become much better.

The difference between the ones we are become better in and the ones that we are becoming worse in is that for the former people from all parties and affiliations have worked together and in the latter people have fought bitterly with lots of name calling, etc. I cannot say which causes which, but there is a correlation.


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