Lesbian who reported 'hate crime' attack staged incident, Nebraska police say

From CNN:
A Nebraska “hate crime” that targeted an openly gay woman and that triggered responses from candlelight vigils locally to Facebook postings of support nationwide was staged by the alleged victim, authorities said Tuesday as they charged the woman with lying to police.

Charlie Rogers – a former basketball player for the University of Nebraska who identifies herself as lesbian – told police that three masked men entered her home on July 22, stripped her, tied her down, and carved homophobic slurs into her body before attempting to set her and the house on fire.

But the Lincoln Police Department said Tuesday that “the physical evidence conflicted with Charlie Rogers’ version of events” and that “extensive investigation revealed numerous inconsistencies.”

That is such a shame, when a person is so committed to their cause that try feel a need to fake an incident just to bring attention to their cause.

Other hate crime hoaxes




And such a dubious cause too. As it appeared “Lesbian” was the hot word in the headline dwarfing “hate crime”. Since this now looks like crying wolf, even the “I’m against hate crimes …” part of her crusading is hurt.

Sensational story though. And so short on details. Was she wounded? Self-inflicted?
Was she ever really tied up? How did she escape to make the call?

It looks like the police are calling off their extensive investigation given the past tense
reference of the word “revealed”; or is that just an impression?

I wonder if she got donations for her medical treatment from sympathetic folks.

At least on LGBT organization deposited $1800 in her bank account, and they would like to have it returned so the money can be given to real victims of violence.

I saw the same thing on this case, that is was completely staged.

The hateful bigotry was a lie!!!

Hate the sin not the sinner, I need to work on this too, but we should not every attack her, only the sin.

That may well be the reason we see so many of these reported, It’s an excellent scam to make some quick cash so long s you don’t get caught.

It is a sick thing when someone feels the need to do something like this for attention. :mad:

It is very rare for a woman who makes a false accusation to be punished for her crime.

I remember this case when I still lived in Illinois:


The real criminal in this case picked a total stranger out of a lineup, testified against him in court, and remained silent while her victim served 8 years in a maximum security prison.

To her credit, she did eventually recant and gave the rather small proceeds of the book she wrote to her victim. She died of cancer while still a young woman, but did no time for perjury and obstruction of justice and paid nothing to the State of Illinois for the costs of imprisoning an innocent man for a crime that never happened.

Alcoholic beverages do not make you a gymnast. :ouch:

I believe this is only the tip of the iceberg of leftist deceit.

Does that mean it’s not a “legitimate” hate crime?

Beautiful artwork on your answer there Gods_Peace! I feel like I just walked through a Cathedral in Rome. Little bitty Cathedral. :wink:

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