Less Expensive Set of Complete Works of the Church Fathers

Hello all. Outside of the kindle versions, I’m curious if anyone knows of a less expensive set of the writings of the Church Fathers (ante, post, and Nicene). The set by Schaff runs upwards of $1000 at a local bookstore near me. I’m wondering if there are any alternatives that might be less expensive. It doesn’t have to be Schaff’s version. I’m certainly open to Catholic translations since I am Catholic. It’s just the main one I’m aware of.

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Watch Christian Book Distributors. They run a deal on that set every so often and you can get it for half retail, or even less. I found all 38 volumes on eBay years ago, brand new, never opened, for only $250. I felt dirty paying so little.



I haven’t found any I’m afraid, and I’ve been collecting hardcover editions of the Church Fathers in English, Latin, Greek and Syriac for the better part of a decade.

Note that Scriptural analysis software sell the complete set very cheaply, and they have the entire text indexed and tagged. Accordance is retailing it for $129, while Logos/Verbum is $99.

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I was recommended an app called iPieta but i haven’t figured out how to use it yet; i was told the writings of the church fathers were on it but all i see so far is prayers. Its good to know its on Kindle tho, i hope its not prohibitively expensive. I love kindle, i have no more shelf space.

Logos has it?! Omg i have logos i was dumb and spent hundreds for a software program i barely use cause it was downloaded to my old laptop with the broken keyboard. If i can get it to download to my new one, i’ll be set! I can spare 100$ for such a valuable thing as the writings of the church fathers.

You can also get the Kindle versions for about 3 dollars, which I’m probably going to get. But there’s something about physical books that tend to make we want to read them more.

Some that might apply. “Lives of the desert fathers”
All free to read.
Links at bottom

I’ve read these. Liked every one.
Dominus vobiscum

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I get the Enhanced Versions. They’re a couple bucks more, $4.99 per volume, but the formatting is solid, and moving back and forth between text and footnotes is easy.


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