Less than 95 theses to the LDS Church

The beliefs of all the ‘Presidents’ per se of the LDS Church just don’t seem even close to the tier of Popes or even cardinals. It actually reminds me of an earthly presidency, and not even religious. What turns me off about the Mormon Church is that (in my opinion) the religion was made to appeal to the people of the time. For example, Joseph Smith taught about Eternal Marriage and becoming a god if we’re righteous. It doesn’t seem right to me. Also, he brought up white supremacy when he wrote the Book of Mormon. Ex: Turning ‘white’ when you’re righteous. Not to mention how the Book of Mormon is commonly speculated to be at moments directly taken from the King James Bible in some verses. Of course, to further protect his religion somewhat, he used the basis of Christianity to back it up. That clearly fails, since the Mormon belief goes against most important Christian doctrine. Ex: 3 different ‘Gods’, but forming one ‘Godhood’. Joseph Smith essentially broke Christianity down into layman’s terms and further added appeal to it. What makes it all worse is what Brigham Young, the second LDS President did to the already crooked LDS Church. He, like Joseph Smith, while creating the Book of Mormon, used his own appeal and ‘beliefs’, too. He made the bad even worse, and used the speculation that people with dark skin are cursed that was already around for years. Joseph Smith, honestly, didn’t seem to be ‘hateful’ of dark skinned people, per se, but he did have a sense of superiority. Brigham brought that to a whole new level. What separates the Catholic Church and the LDS Church, other than the Catholic Church having more than a thousand year’s history and tradition, is the fact that the Pope doesn’t use his personal beliefs in official doctrine, like the ‘Presidents’ do. For example, one LDS member stated that a pope at one time prayed for the forgiveness of the ‘cursed Ethiopians’. Instead of making me question my faith, it actually made my faith in the Catholic Church go higher, given that really happened. The difference is that the Pope is divinely guided by the Holy Spirit, while the LDS President expresses his own ‘opinion’ in the matter. In current times, Joseph Smith creating the LDS Church would be like me creating a religion based on ‘selfie karma’, or something of the likes :wink: . The fact of the matter is that the LDS and the Mormon Church period is a man-made religion that bases its premises on a corrupted type of so-called ‘Christianity’. The Mormon Church isn’t Christian in my book. Before someone speculates, this body of text isn’t ‘anti-mormon’. It is anti-mormonism. Come back, Mormons! :thumbsup:




I believe it was St. Paul who said, “Even if an angel were to give you a gospel contrary to ours, you shall not follow them.” Same holds for Islam.

Baptism-by-proxy, however, has been around since the beginning of the church. St. Paul mentions it.

I believe another poster said the Mormon sanctuary ceremonies were straight out of Freemasonry.

Our church won’t accept Mormon baptism because it doesn’t have the same meaning as other Protestant baptisms.

I have made it policy that if the Elders come to my door, I will give them cold bottled water. I consider it humanitarian. One group found out I was Catholic, and sympathized with the sex abuse scandal. Another sympathized on the passing of Pope St. John Paul II. The guys are always courteous, and offer to do any work that may need to be done around the house.

The Book of Mormon teaches that Christ and Satan were brothers. Such is blasphemy. Jesus Christ is the Only-Begotten Son of God. Satan is a fallen angel. They cannot possibly be brothers, when the One created the other.


Baptism-by-proxy, however, has been around since the beginning of the church. St. Paul mentions it.

I don’t think so, St. Paul is mentioning spiritual works not actually having water poured on ones head on behalf of a dead person, per the Mormon practice.

It has been said that Joseph Smith was also a Mason. If you know anything about the Masons and the Mormon “rituals” you see quite alot of similarities. It is also said that Joseph Smith was killed when found that he was “given away the Masonic secrets” Read your History of the Morman church and Joseph Smith.

I have some Mormon friends and they are very good people, just led into the wrong faith.

Someone did post 95 theses to the LDS church on the Internet last year.


When Joseph Smith was trying to escape the mob at Carthage jail, he went to the window and gave the Masonic distress sign***. This sign is expected to bring instant help and protection from any fellow Mason who witnesses it.

Reportedly there were Masons in the crowd who were so insensed at this traitor to Freemasonry making the distress sign that they shot him numerous times.

Paul (formerly LDS, now happily Catholic)

*** The distress sign is this:

Hold both arms to the square and cry “Is there no help for the widow’s son?”

Apparently there was no help for the child-raping wife stealer.

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