Less than satisfying mass experience this morning

i am a daily Communicant and try my best not to miss Mass. i attend at my parish, but on mornings i have to work, i go to the 7:00 a.m. at a different parish.

the priest at this church has received the dubious nickname of “Father Mumbles,” and has a tendency to fly through the readings and the prayers as though he has too much to do to be bothered. i used to be put out by this, and was forming a judgment on him based solely on his masses, until i sat in a couple of his Bible studies - he is truly a scary-smart, brilliant man of God, knowledgeable, witty, humble and pious.

so what gives?

why didn’t i feel that way this morning, when he brushed by the Lord’s Prayer so fast i couldn’t even keep up – i simply relented and said “Oh, Father…” not knowing if i was speaking to the priest or God…and out of nowhere, tears starting falling down my cheeks.

i feel so silly for even posting this because i don’t post often, but i needed to vent because my heart was so heavy, so burdened because we simply were not giving Jesus His due - no, we cannot hurt Him any more than we have and He has more than sacrificed Himself for us; but please God! can we not even say the Our Father with enough reverance that it has meaning, at least to the one who is praying it aloud?

the balance of mass, i was literally sobbing to myself - mind you, i am not a depressed person and it came out of nowhere - but i really attend to meet with God and He meets us right where we are; however sad i was feeling this morning, i know i experienced Mass the exact way i was meant to. it was so sad, so much less than satisfying for me, not in that i didn’t meet the Lord there, i did. i was simply very troubled by the hurriedness, by what was seemingly a very prevalent, religious spirit.

have mercy on me, Lord, a sinner.

thanks for indulging me, if you’ve made it this far.


well, let’s see, you received the gift of tears, and you evidence a profound appreciation for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, intense desire for reverence to Him in the Eucharist, deep affection to Our Father in Heaven–sounds like you had a wonderful experience in Mass today, all through the actions of a careless or sleepy priest, who nevertheless offered the full and complete sacrifice with, in and through the Holy Trinity. Through the grace of God, even the carelessness and haste became a source of blessings. Thanks be to God.

I really like what puzzleannie wrote. Amen!

Don’t take this priest’s style of praying prayers to heart, especially when you know he is a good priest. It may have something to do with his age and having prayed these prayers all his life. To him they are so familiar he doesn’t have to say the words with deep feeling to know the depth of their meaning.

I know an elderly lady like him who prays the Rosary so fast I can’t keep up with her, but it is like she is running ahead of me in holiness rather than that she is lagging behind me in understanding and reverence. You can never really know what anyone intended by the way they prayed a prayer. So, let’s do what Paul said and consider every person as better than ourselves not judging them by what we think we know/understand of their motives by their actions. :wink:

As long as the real presence of our Lord is there you should let the rest go for now. Just my opinion.

thanks, guys :slight_smile: i had to work all day and just prior to leaving, saw annie’s answer and it eased my heart somewhat.

i normally take his Masses in stride; for whatever reason today, it didn’t have that same affect on me. go figure.

thank you again, for your thoughts. it helped.


Thats the beauty of Gods Spirit. Its annoiting continues to work reguardless through others even when they are not in their best.Praise God for careing and loving His children. :thumbsup:

Just remember that Jesus is there. If He can take it you can. :wink:


I go to two different daily masses with similar circumstances.

  1. reverent and holy
  2. fast and quick

When I go to mass # 2 I really focus on receiving Jesus. If I don’t I get really upset and judgemental.

I look at Jesus on the cross then picture the Divine Mercy Image with the rays coming directly into my heart.

St. Faustina had this image during mass and some people received brighter rays (grace) while others received pale rays. Each according to their dispostion for mass.

It helps me keep my eyes on Jesus and not on the presentation by the priest. This type of contemplation really helps me.

thank you for that imagery, johnq -

i woke a little later than usual this morning and debated about going because i usually go to the 4:30 (to satisfy Sunday’s obligation, even though i will still attend tomorrow, anyway…), but i felt the promptings and went anyway to the 7:00.

it was the same as yesterday - very, very fast - can’t keep up with the prayers, even at the end of mass, when he prays “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle…” i just listened and prayed in my heart. however, today i was compelled to pray for the priest, for whatever is troubling him, whatever is making him impatient - he knocked over the paten when he was purifying the chalice after mass, had knocked over the items that he uses to cover the chalice prior to consecrating the Host…he is in a big hurry for some reason (don’t get me wrong, he usually is very fast, regardless). so the Spirit prompted me to pray for him during Mass today.

i stayed for the recitation of the Rosary afterward. boy, do they say a million prayers, and they are fast too (remember, this isn’t my usual parish) – however, during one of the prayers being offered, i heard the lady mention a prayer going up for “father malcom’s mother…” so there is something going on and i feel better that i was actually obedient when called to pray for him.

this has been a blessing being able to come in here and talk about this. it really has. :heart:

The Mass is such a gift! As a convert I have to say every mass even ones which I dont tune in till I am walking the isle is a blessed event! To experience Jesus in the flesh is such a blessing. Having grown up with out Jesus in the flesh and always wanting Him but not knowing how to get Him. Now that i have Him, its always good even if I am too disconected to experience it in my brain or distracted by some sort of humaness. God grant us the mercy to know and remember what a true gift we have have in the mass!!

it also occurs to me that the difficulties you have to endure at your daily Mass are also forcing you to reflect and pray on your experience and the meaning of the Mass. maybe when we come out “feeling good” we don’t have the impetus to do that, and it becomes to easy to forget. for you, this will be a blessing, I am sure.

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