Lessons with a death metal guitarist



I play the guitar, and I’d like to improve my speed and technique. I’ve found a guitar teacher online, whose abilities are totally stunning, and also the price is affordable. The only thing is that he plays in a quite famous death metal band, and I’ve checked them out - they’ve got some dodgy, “evil” songs.

Do you think it wouldn’t be ok to sign up for his lessons? I mean I’m 100% sure seeing him wouldn’t harm my faith in any way, but what I’m worried about is that by paying him, I would participate in supporting his activities, which are sinful.

God bless.


As a fellow guitarist, I would not worry about supporting him financially, as even the most successful death metal bands make pennies, hence his “second” (real) job. Although you say your faith would not be affected in any way, I would be more concerned about his influence on you, not to profile metal heads…they usually are some of the nicest people you could meet, however I believe some have serious issues hidden inside.


I used to take guitar lessons from a very openly Pagan metal musician. He was a great musician and a fun guy. Metal guitarists are probably the best ones to learn from, because it’s such complicated music.


Will he be using songs with sinful words? I mean, if you are practicing a song that has evil lyrics, those lyrics will come into your head while you are playing, that might be a concern.

But most really good *musicians *actually have wider backgrounds, so I would imagine he would have the flexibility to teach outside the “death metal” (what will they come up with next!) genre.

As to your responsibility–morally you are making a moral exchange: lessons for money. What *he *choses to do with that money is not your responsibility. Just like if you paid someone to fix your car–if he used the money for drugs, that would not be your responsibility, right?


Thanks for the replies!

I’ll keep that in mind needleskane. No he won’t use his songs to teach me - all he would be teaching me is playing fast solos - I’m sure he can play outside of metal, and also I’m not a metal musician, so I’ll be using this stuff outside of metal too.


Death metal is a very complicated, technical, and artistic genre, so I think OP made a good find.


Which band does he play in?


I agree. The music itself isn’t sinful, it’s the meaning of the words.


Musically, go for it… so long as you aren’t made to play and sing along to things that are sinful or you don’t feel comfortable. Also, I agree that it is not your problem what he does with the money. Anyone in any profession could use their money sinfully. So I wouldn’t worry about that…

I once suddenly got a message from someone through ICQ. He was a drummer in a death metal band, but had an enormous love of all genres of music which is kind of how he found me, as I would not have had “death metal” listed in my interests, he would have seen other genres I like. We caught up occasionally when I was going out dancing/clubbing and it was so funny seeing this guy with long black hair, wearing tight black jeans and a black top, thrashing his head about to a DJ :smiley:

Also, another reason he loved listening to other genres, such as electronic was he used that to practice his drumming, different rhythms, keeping up with an electronic drum beat trying to match it himself etc. He sent me a video clip of them performing once, his drumming was beyond insane, I can’t see how it’s humanely possible to drum so fast! I couldn’t understand a word that was said… LOL. Probably a good thing. That one clip was enough for me :stuck_out_tongue:


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