Let me tell you about our Crown Money Coach session!


:extrahappy: DH and I met with our money coach last night. He was SOOOO fabulous. Very humble and very Godly. He is Baptist and so we both thought he’d probably get into the whole tithing thing. We have already talked with our priest who is aware of our finances and he instructed us to give just $10 per week until we’re past all this. Anyway, the coach agreed. He had the best ideas and tips to help us get started. After all was said and done, he figures that with just a few cutbacks and changes, we should be able to get everything cleared in about 30 months. How exciting. DH and I felt like we were drowning and figured it would take 8-10 years to pay it all off!!! How pleased we were. We got a workbook from him and we were so pleased when he gave us also a copy of the Crown Catholic supplement for the workbook. He also advised us to call his connection at Consumer Credit Counseling Service, which several of you here also advised. I’m calling her today! It feels like the start of a new life for us and we can actually see a light now and have a plan. I know it’s only our first day of this, but I would seriously advise anyone who needs help with budgeting and financial help to go to crown.org and find a money coach in your area. Our session was 3 hours and we’ll meet with him a few more times- next in March, and this is all free. THese kind coaches offer their time for free to help others out of their financial nightmares. Thank GOD for this service! I am so grateful for this company and their volunteers. I’ll keep everyone posted! twk


I am so glad you are happy, and I am glad Crown has a Catholic supplement. :slight_smile: It ought to be a very interesting 30 months.


How did you get “hooked up” with this guy? I’m trying to sort things out on our end too and this sounds promising. Can you just order the books?



kris- go to www.crown.org and click on “find a money coach”. they will ask for your address and city and then they will e-mail you the name of a coach in your area! it’s that easy. we actually bought a few books from Crown in the past and the most useful one was “Free and Clear”. BUT…the coach really helped us put everything on the table and really helped us sort things out. He had FABULOUS ideas for rearranging debt and just other things that I never got out of the books. Keep in mind that these coaches are offered for free and there is no cost to you other than the workbook that you use with him for about 20 bucks. I know we could have never done it on our own like this and we would both highly recommend a coach. twk


Thanks! I just sent off the request. I will be purchasing some books for sure.



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