Let Mormons be Mormon and Catholics be Catholics

I must say that this forum is an interesting forum. But there is a lot of antimormonism on this forum which I must say is not very christian like. I have defended the mormon church on a mormon apologetic site and we have catholics who participate on that forum and yet, no lds person bashes the catholic faith on that mormon apologetic forum. Nor are negatives said about the catholic church. And if so, the moderators would come down hard on that poster. But this forum is a different ball of wax. All is permited on this forum and the catholic members take advantage of it.

But I say, let mormons be mormons and catholics be catholics and learn to live together without the criticism that one can read on this forum.



Enjoy the symbolisms of both faiths from youtube.

It all depends what you mean by bashing. If telling the truth about Mormonism is bashing Mormonism, so be it.

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I can see what your saying there “WHY ME”, and it is not easy.
Part of the issue is that GOD does not just come down here and say to all of us, which is the one to join, and both LDS and catholic are run by humans that are a little less than perfect.

I cannot get the videos to work, I think my connection is failing gotta reboot.

WHY ME: found ya at the other place.

I’m only going to speak for myself. But having done a lot of research into the LDS religion, and learning about what mormons believe, I have a hard time sitting by and just letting it all pass by without speaking up. Especially when Mormons don’t like to face the inconsistencies and truth about their religion and how it was founded. And when you consider that the beliefs the LDS faith have are not Christian as most of Christianity defines itself.

IMO, I think that mormons themselves are great people. They are faithful, community driven, charitable, are great representatives of their faith, are great at evangelizing their religion to the world. There’s a lot to admire about them and their faith. And frankly, I’ve never met one that you can’t help but like.

But the fact is, I have very strong beliefs about that religion being not just wrong, but false. False because it doesn’t tell the truth about God and Christ as catholics know, and as it has been handed down from Jesus and his Apostles themselves. And I think it leads people away from the truth and the true God and Jesus, not towards them. Which is a sin, imo. And I can’t sit back and acknowledge such a thing, or give apparent approval. That’s just as much of a sin, imo.

To a catholic whose faith has been founded in the truth, whose church comes from 2000 years of tradition, and authority and docterine, and is never changing, it is hard to swallow the Mormon religion. As I see it, it’s full of inconsistencies, multiple layers of ‘truths’, and is constantly changing and reinventing docterine. I’ve never heard of God reversing a prophesy or commandment because the people of His church weren’t in enough agreement. Compare that to docterines of the Catholic Church which stand fast from the days of Jesus’ founding.

So I can’t help but speak out about it. I can’t help but see the LDS church as a false religion that’s built on lies and misconceptions and deceit. And I just wish that its members would confront that and see it from another light. So I’m going to speak out about it. It’s not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, or be abusive or rude. But you are in a catholic forum on a catholic website, and you are going to get the catholic viewpoint.

Just realize it’s not in animosity that drives this, it’s love and compassion. Not a desire to tear things down, a desire to show the truth and the way.

I’d be happy to let Mormons be Mormons, but they keep knocking at my door!:wink: Just had them show up again last night as I was trying to put my kids to bed.

I really don’t mind them all that much, but if they come knocking at my door and come into my house, the burden of proof is totally on them. Plus they are going to have to listen to me tell them why they should be Catholic for about two hours and why Mormonisn goes against every shread of common sense.

Already had several sessions like that.

I found you too. Happy posting. :slight_smile:

That may be true. Look upon it as a learning experience and as an opportunity to exchange faith ideas. It can bring you closer together when people sit down and have a dialogue. But remember, they are just young men doing what they believe that god wants them to do. They have a ‘vocation’ for two year.

Most of the people who act in this way are not true Catholics. They are apostates form the LDS Church who have adopted Catholicism as platform from which to bash Mormonism. They form the tiniest minority of Catholics, and they are by no means true representatives Catholicism at large. They tend to haunt places such as these where their shrill and loud voices far outweighs their true influence in the world or even in the Catholic Church. It is very wrong to judge Catholics or Catholicism by their posts and their actions.


They also have immortal souls and need to hear the Truth so they can be set free to know God, in order to love Him and serve Him. How can they do that in a false religion.

It is not being kind to them if we don’t care enough to save them. After all,iIt is really just repaying the favour.

How un-hypocritical of you…oy vey.:shrug: In red, I highlighted exactly what you preached against at the end of your post…sigh

In Pax Christi

Maybe it has been overlooked but I posted two videos that showed positives about both faiths. And both videos had music centered in christ. Do you see the point? Maybe not. For some strange reason, it was overlooked. But I am not surprised. It seems a hard heart is rather common these days. Listen to the mormon video and the words of the music. It speaks of Christ as our helper through life.

And then listen to the catholic video and its music: It is also about Christ. Get the point? :shrug:

Now lets look at the ‘cult-like’ nature of these people.


They all look like pretty decent folk to me. Lets let them be mormons. The world will be a better place because of it.

Four minutes is enough for this video…the second part is kind of mushy. :blush:

Yes, these forums can get uncharitable at times, and we shouldn’t let that happen. At the same time, the reason we have these forums isn’t just to tell each other how much we love the other’s religion. The point of these forums is to discuss religion, which includes discussing the differences and getting to the heart of those differences. In the case of Mormon vs. Catholic, the differences that exist are bound to be the emphasis because of the claims made by both religions.

It’s also important to remember that the LDS church only exists because of its beliefs in a Great Apostacy. By definition, that claim is itself a giant criticism of the Catholic Church, and all other Christian churches by the way. Naturally, as believing Catholics, we take serious issue with the “Great Apostacy” and therefore the existence of the LDS Church as a whole. So to be realistic, this is one situation where we can’t just say, “Live and let live.” To do so would be to turn away from truth. Some feathers may get ruffled along the way, but that’s fine as long as we don’t personally attack one another. There have been some who have made such personal attacks, and others have certainly let them know who they are.

Ultimately the truth matters more than anything else. Discussions may get heated at times, but they can still be charitable even so. So put on your thick skin and come to the table. Don’t take things personally, and don’t make personal attacks.

As a newbie my knee jerk reaction was to be astonished at the ‘rudeness’, But I have learned that these folks genuinely care that Mormons are being led astray from Jesus, who is ready to accept them with open arms. I suppose when the last Mormon is baptized in THE church, Catholics will stop showing Mormons the misguided notions they believe. After all, we are actually the Church HE founded.

Not true. It exists because it was revealed and established by revelation and angelic ministration from God. We know that an Apostasy occurred because of the Restoration, not the other way round. I know that the early church apostatized because I happen to know that the LDS Church is true, not the opposite.


I have always been of the belief that we as Mormons need to teach others about our church. Other religions, including Catholic need to teach us about their churches. We don’t need to teach each other about each other’s churches though. We learn much more the other way around.

I’m a computer programmer by trade, and for those computer programmers in the crowd, software development can be a very religious topic (no blasphemy intended). Often one software developer will say his preferred language is better than the others. My preferred language is Perl. Yet, I’ve come to find that delving into the other languages and finding the good things in them I’ve been able to come back to my preferred language, Perl, and make it better. Does it change the language? No - the language is still the same. I just introduce new ways of using the plain and simple logic behind the language to produce glorious things in my code.

I think between religions we can do the same. Let’s learn from each other! Let’s please not tell each other how to live our religions though. I think that’s the “Christian” (meaning “like Christ” in my meaning) thing to do.

let me ask you this. if you had some really nice neighbors, good people who you truly thought highly of BUT they were practicing pagans. Would just smile and be friendly, content to let them enjoy their rituals? OR would you share the gospel wit them? would you just say hey paganism is great but I have something i want to show you OR if they were fervently pagan with no interest in changing would you lovingly attempt to show them the flaws of paganism?

I’m serious here because I have known pagans that were truly wonderful people that went about doing good things in the world.

I understand what you are saying, but it still stands that without the Apostasy, there would be no Mormon Church. One of your prophets once said that exact same thing. I’m sure somebody could find the reference, but he said that without the apostacy, the LDS church need not exist. Now if you believe in the Apostasy simply because you believe in the LDS church, that’s your perogative, but you are approaching the subject quite backwards and not giving Christianity a fair shake. The LDS church did not cause the Apostasy to happen. The Apostasy necessitated the LDS church to happen. So it stands to reason that the merits of the Apostasy can and should be examined on their own. How rediculous it would be if God said, “Oh and by the way, the church apostatized 1700 years ago but I never bothered to tell anybody until now. I removed your priesthood, but didn’t tell anyone and thus let you think you had a legitimate priesthood all this time.” This is basically the claim of the Mormon Church in regards to the Great Apostacy. God let mankind wander in darkness for 1700 years thinking they had a legitimate church, priesthood, sacraments, and all the rest. That simply does not fit his pattern in salvation history.

I think you’re both right. :slight_smile: I do however think the current form of the LDS Church would have happened, apostasy or not. Mormons believe this to be a new dispensation, the dispensation of the Fullness of Times (Eph 1:10), of which the doctrines from all dispensations, including that in Christ’s time (the Dispensation of the Gospel, or Dispensation of the Grace of God - Eph 3:2-5, 1 Cor. 9:17) were restored (That is my interpretation of the Mormon Doctrine at least - I may have it wrong). Being a new dispensation of revelation from God usually means God has something even more to teach us. In this case it is in preparation for the Last Days before the coming of the Savior as prophesied in the Bible. According to Mormons, in preparation for this day, the Lord has once again revealed the Dispensation of the Gospel, along with all other Dispensations throughout time to his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit (Ephesians 3:5). This is just my opinion though.

Honestly? If I were to honor Christ’s teachings and preach His Gospel to both the Jew and the Gentile, I would do neither. I would preach to them the beauty of Christ, His teachings, and how wonderful they are. Then, by example and knowledge of the true Gospel of Christ, it would be my hope that they would find their own flaws and convert to Christianity. I don’t think we need to point out flaws in others for them to realize they are wrong. When they see the light, they will follow it themselves.

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