Let nothing disturb you


May all who request for prayers here find comfort, strength, peace and joy with these assuring words by St Teresa of Avila…


and through Our Lord Jesus Christ…


May God bless you abundantly all ways and always.




Thank you so much for bringing these lovely prayers here.



Thank you sister! May God Bless you.



Thank you Sister. :nun2:


Thanx for the prayers… :crossrc:


Thank you Sister for the messages of Faith and trust…Blessings and Peace - Barb
http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/16/16_14_5.gifDeo Gratius!


And should anything disturb you, pray and sing Father, I Place into Your Hands.
The song and lyrics are hosted at carmelite-seremban.org/Pray/index.html

Feel free to use all materials at our website as you pray for yourself or bring hope and comfort to others on this Prayer Intentions board at this lovely forum.

May God bless you abundantly - all ways and always.

With all of you in daily prayers :slight_smile:


Thank you sister, we pray for you too


Thanks all, for your prayers.

Here’s a prayer request…

Please pray that there will be no rain next Sunday, 5 August as 3,000 people are expected to visit our new monastery in Seremban.

Remember to join us in spirit and prayers even if you can’t be there. Visit carmelite-seremban.org/Events/inauguration.html

Love and God bless you all


Thank you Sister! Praying that there is no rain!:gopray2:


May God bless all our prayers here, and help those in need. St. Teresa of Avila, pray for us.


%between% May The Lord grant you fine weather…




Beautiful, simply beautiful!!



I cannot tell you how much the words of St Teresa helped me this very moment…God is sufficient for all things…thank you sister.:slight_smile:


Sister, who are the artists who sing the music on the website? I loved the song that plays on the home page.


Which page were you refering to? Practically all our pages have songs embedded in them :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, we have just hosted another page with inspiring videos such as:

Fishers of Men
This is an awesome video produced by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to encourage vocations to the priesthood. If you’ve thought about being a priest, or you know someone who is thinking about it, or if you just want to know a little about what it means to be a Catholic priest, this is an excellent video to watch. It’s part of an overall program as listed on the USCCB website.

Millennium Prayer (Our Father)
by Sir Cliff Richard

Mother Teresa of Calcutta
» Movie Clip
» Poverty of the Heart
» A Tribute to Mother Teresa

Sermon on the Mount
From the movie Jesus of Nazareth

View videos at carmelite-seremban.org/Spirituality/video.html

Love and God bless


Beautiful prayer.


The song on the prayer request page “Father, I Place Into Your Hands” Thank you:)


Heavenly Father, please see that the weather is conducive for our Carmelite Sisters for the opening of their monastery Aug 5, 2007. We praise you for all of your gifts and we beseech that rain be withheld that day and for days of travel for visitors.

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