Let the Little Lamb follow Mary to school again


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I got this in my email as one of those “forward” messages.
I thought it was very real.

I put it together with some nice pictures and I wanted to share it with you. You can copy it and send it to your friends if you want.

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Do you think this could ever happen? We need God back in our schools.


**Firstly, which God (or version of Him) should there be in the school? The protestant version? The Muslim version? What about Hindu gods? Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.:wink: **

Second, it is not true that christian expression is banned in schools. The law is the schools (or it’s employees) cannot sponsor, endorse, or force a religion on students within the school. In other words, a student can pray if they want. A teacher can pray if she wants. But neither a school or a teacher can make their religious practice a school practice or a requirement of students. A teacher can pray, but she can’t have her class do it. It’s similiar to many work policies. Your boss can pray. You can pray. Your boss can’t insist you pray though or make your work environment so difficult that you feel you have to conform to his practices.

I have no problem with prayer or teaching children about God. I just don’t think it’s smart to put such an important task in the hands of a gov’t school. I wouldn’t want a protestant view of God being taught with my tax dollars to my Catholic kids. And I’m sure there’s many a protestant who would feel the same way towards a Catholic teacher. At best, a watered down “everything’s the same” view of God is what would be achieved and that is certainly not a better thing. At worst, only one view would be acceptable and I’m highly doubtful that it would be a Catholic view.

All that aside, frankly I think schools should be working at reading, writing, and mathematics as these are the purpose of their existance and far too many are failing to deliver.

**Just a respectfully disagreeing opinion.:slight_smile: **


The irony of using tthis Nursery Rhyme is was originally written aa an analogy about a pregnant teen in school.


Just God.

I am not saying that the teachers have to start teaching about God.

What is so wrong with just starting your day with the pledge of allegiance with “God” in it, and then a short prayer to God. Just God. No one has to mention anything about a certain belief. No one class has to go into any kind of detail about certain religions; no religion classes at all. Just a short prayer to God at the beginning of the day is all that is necessary. With that, everyone of their own faith can be thinking and praying in their own minds what they want to think and believe.

I myself homeschool my daughter because she was in a CATHOLIC school that wasn’t even stressing their own religion classes. My daughter would come tell me that they skipped religion class that day because they just didn’t have time for it. :eek: What?! No time for religion class in a Catholic school?! She was there for 4 years (K-3 gr) and I was there too, volunteering until they hired me the last year we were there. Just being there knowing what’s going on made me decide to homeschool my daughter and now she’s much better off religiously, spiritually, emotionally.

So I know exactly what you mean by “which god?” There is nothing wrong with just saying a short little prayer or nothing wrong with having some kind of poster saying “God bless our school” or “God bless our children.” NOTHING wrong with that.

It doesn’t have to get all difficult. Just leave it plain and simple.

“Just a respectfully disagreeing opinion.”


Thanks for sharing. It is true that we will never be at peace until we invite the Lamb back in the fullness of His truth.


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