Let us Give Thanks to God for our Permanent Deacons

I am very grateful to God for our Permanent Deacons. They are such a gift to our Church today. Thank God for Bishops and priests who are open to having Deacons serve in their parishes.


What a wonderful initiative today. God bless them all and their special charism. :two_hearts: :pray:


I was blessed to have a wonderful Deacon at my parish for 3 years before he was transferred to a bigger parish 30 miles north from here. I was real bitter about it because he was a father figure to me and unintentionally helped me get my spiritual life back on track. Then I saw all the good work he was doing at his new parish and helping it thrive. They truly are wonderful people. They outwardly show God’s love for us by serving others. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you, thank you very much.


Permanent deacons who are married have the privilege of receiving all 7 sacraments.

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Deacons Bill Steltemeier and Alex Jones, pray for the Deacons and pray for us!

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Heavenly Father,
since the time of the Apostles
you have inspired the Church
to commission certain members
to assist in a special way
in the pastoral mission of Christ.
Bless the deacons
and all other ordained
and non-ordained ministers
that they may be humble
and faith-inspired in their service.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

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