Let us give thanks to the Lord our God . It is right and just



Thank you Rob for all your uplifting posts!
Thanks :pray:


Gratitude is the positive emotional experience resulting from the recognition that another person has given you a benefit. So gratitude to others is sometimes in order but gratitude to God is always in order, for he is our Creator without whom we have no hope.


Thank you .





Thank you , Father , for the Holy Family .


Thank you , Father , for the Word made flesh .


Thank you God for fellow Catholics who affirm who we are.


Hey Rob,

I fell asleep last night going through a list in my head, just thanking God for everything this year. Then I log in here and see this. Perfect timing!!

Have a very happy new year!


Thank you , Father , for the gift of our loving Mother Mary .




Thank you , Father , for this morning’s visit to my favourite church .







Thank you , Father , for my dad who would have been 110 today .




Thank you , Father , for my Baptism .

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