Let us offer our Lent for the Pope


Only this morning did I give my thought to what I would do for lent. I have never actually offered my Lenten effort for any particular intention but from what I can see and read and hear I am anxious for the Holy Father. I know I recently read an article that stated that if there was anytime to pray for the Holy Father, it is now.

I have resolved to offer all my Lenten sacrifices and indeed the efforts behind all I do for Lent for the health, intentions, safety and welfare of our Beloved Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI.

To those of you who may be thinking of what you are going to do I would ask you to join me and offer all you do and all the graces you receive for His Holiness.

Is anyone with me? Perhaps we could also drop him a line and tell him of our intentions. He is in need of our support both spiritually and emotionally. After all he continually encourages us, should we not take the time as faithful to encourage him?


Thank you for this post. I’ll be offering this as one of my intentions for Lent(if I still have any). I think this is a great time, since I’m also undergoing a lot of difficulties.


It’s a most generous and worthy thing you are doing and an example to us all. I’ll try to do a lot more for the Holy Father too. God bless you:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Excellent idea, Fergal. :slight_smile: I previously had no “special intention” for Lent sacrifices, either. So… you can count me in, on this.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Brilliant. Count me in.




I will also be offering a second intention for Lent… now that Fergal has me thinking about it… (thanks again, Fergal!)… and that second intention for Lent will be…

For the Victory of the Culture of Life. (end to abortion, etc.). :gopray2:


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