Let us thank God for the example of Louis and Zelie Martin!


Louis and Zelie Martin are going to be beatified on the 19th of October! What a wonderful and much-needed example of married people! :smiley:


Wonderful! I agree…A valuable blessing for all married couples to have the example and the intercession of St Therese’s parents.

Thank You, God for that awesome family!


Prayers of Thanksgiving!





Praise God!!

They have been such an inspiration to me as a parent and as a Secular Order Carmelite who has their daughter Therese as her ‘soul sister’ and spiritual advisor.

***Whay joyous news! :extrahappy: ***

Thanks for sharing; may they intercede for us all!


For photos and films of the beatification and more about the lives of Blessed Louis and Zelie, please see the Web site thereseoflisieux.org


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