Let's add this too our everyday speach

Let’s add words and phrases to our everyday speech, words such as: Thanks be to God, or God Bless you (most of us use this one). Jesus, Joseph and Mary, Jesus loves you, and other ejaculatory phrases. Let’s try to bring it up at least 2-5 times a day in our everyday speech. Let us know how it goes! I would like to hear the responses or even if there were changes felt. :slight_smile:

Strange idea coming from Cal. , expected more from a southern Baptist from the south. Good on you, but in Australia where your religion is irrelevant to ordinary living, all you would get would be funny looks.
I personally prefer to keep my religion as a private issue only for my more serious friends, However I think you are brave to take it up in a culture far more expansive than our taciturn Australian nature. If we say “looks like rain Mate.” we are very close. If we said"Jesus Mary and Joseph! It looks like rain." they would think we just came from Ireland!

Part of my job is talking to folks about their health, and some of them are Hispanic. They almost invariably say, “I’m fine today, thanks be to God.” (in Spanish). It seems almost a cliche, but it’s nice they say it.
I think it’s a good idea.

Petaro, if your religion is irrelevant to ordinary life, maybe something needs to change. Because it shouldn’t be. Maybe you could inject God where He’s relevant, such as an occasional “Thank God!” when mentioning something good that happened.

Here in the Philippines most of us say “Jesus Mary Joseph” everyday; so here those phrases are already part of ordinary language. No need to take the challenge. :stuck_out_tongue:

I myself don’t use those phrases for fear of blasphemy. I use euphemisms instead.

I think Protestants do a much better job doing this than Catholics do. My Protestants friends would say God bless you and use God much more in everyday conversations.

We could wear our crosses more than we do if we don’t want to say those things.Hang a rosary in our mirror in the car, although that would distract me from driving, but I see a lot of people do hang things from that mirror, so it must not bother them.

I take your advice in the love in which it is obviously offered. It is not that my religion is irrelevant to my ordinary life, indeed it is central to it. My statement was more a criticism of our culture which is very secular. I thank God for everything in my life, especially my loved ones. My prayers are always for those I have sinned with.
But you are right to praise God in all you do, it is just I am not demonstrative by nature. It is hard to be expansive when you are a distrusting cynic.

So what’s wrong with that, some of your ancestors probably did. From what I understand the first Bishop of Australia was from Ireland. And if one knows much about their Catholic Faith, many of those little prayers have been around for centuries. My favorite is “Lord have Mercy.”
Jesus said, "if you acknowledge me before man, I will acknowledge you before MY Father. If you do NOT acknowledge ME before God I will not acknowledge you before MY Father. God Bless, (another favorite) Memaw

Maybe you could start something there. Years ago, I started making the ‘Sign of the Cross,’ and saying Jesus I love you, as I passed a Catholic Church. and you would be surprised how many others have started doing it over the years. I visited someone once and they even called me later to find out what the little prayers I say were. . I also say the Eternal Rest prayer every time I pass a cemetery. Doesn’t matter who is in the car or whose car I’m in. If we’re talking, I say, “Just a minute,” and say my little prayer, then go on talking. I say it out loud. I have never had anyone say anything against it. and like I said many have started doing it too. God Bless, Memaw

I try to do this as well. When I worked in construction and a difficult project turned out well, I would often exclaim, “Saints be praised!” I worked with quite a few Evangelicals and non-Christians, so I would get some puzzled reactions. But more often than not, my joy was contagious. I was also known as one who rarely cursed - unusual in the building trades - and that was fine by me.

While I really would like to do this I think it would take a huge amount of change for me. That being said, I will give some thought as to how I could try to do something along these lines. Thanks for the thought and the challenge.

Just add some extra water and Bob yer uncle, Mate;)

kumusta, mabuti;)

Awesome quote. Thanks

I have a relative who works construction and he can sure use that phrase rather than the one he currently uses when things go wrong. It goes something like this; *&%^##&^%&^#:smiley:

neither am I with my verbal acknowledgement of my Faith. That is why I propose this ‘challenge’. To bust us out of our comfort zone, just a little.

I am so sorry, if I have offended you with any reference to Ireland. My name is Gallagher, and all my descendants came from either Ireland on one side and Scotland on the other. I am truly ashamed if you thought I was knocking the Irish. One quarter of the Australian population had its roots in Ireland. Mea Culpa!

Oh I wasn’t offended !! My Great Grandparents came from Ireland. God Bless, Memaw

Great witness before those who can be quick to curse:hey_bud::yukonjoe:

I too am not comfortable with verbalizing a “Praise God” or “Thank You Lord”. But I have started using it in my texts and on Facebook. The more I type it, the easier it is. My mom (90 years old) has been a wonderful influence on me. Any time we arrive home safely, we say, Thank you Lord.

I will accept your challenge and start with 1 or 2 sincere praises per day. Thanks for the challenge. God Bless You. :slight_smile:


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