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What would you say is the single most important aspect of your church’s worship service, and why?


Jesus Christ

God bless



May GodAllahYHWH help you to believe as JesusYeshuaIssa believed; and to act like Jesus acted.



That’s a given, what aspect of the (physical) service itself is most important.



That’s a given, what aspect of the (physical) service itself is most important.

Then I will go with the readings. To be honest though, I am not sure that I can say anything (other than Jesus and the Eucharist of course) is more important than something else. It all adds to the beauty of the Mass.

God bless


Since nearly the entire mass is centered on Jesus (Himself in the Eucharist, in the Word, in the prayers, in the body of the Church, etc…) I think that pretty much just leaves the music…which even then is focused on Jesus (hopefully at least). Also the beauty of the Church building can certainly aid in prayer-but that’s not a necessity.:slight_smile:


A nice blessing, but I am confused about the reference to allah. Allah is the name of a seventh century moon god. The muslims curse those who proclaim Christ to be God. :confused:


i like to watch people take communion, after i pray. recently though it seems that the ones getting blessings look happier than those taking the Eucharist.
oh, but to the question: i like the feeling of oneness.


All three persons of God celebrated and worshipped respectively in a beautiful way including the Eucharist. I am Anglican by the way.


Numero Uno: The True Presence in the Eucharist.:thumbsup:

And: The history of the Church woven into the Liturgy.
The sacramentals which intensify the praising of God through our participation in the Mass.


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