Let's Create a Traditional Catholic Wishlist

I’ll go first:

  1. Full access to the Tridentine Mass
  2. More Traditional priests who know their Latin, and are available to give good spiritual advice
  3. Gregorian Chant back in all our Churches
  4. For all Catholics to have, and be taught, a strong and deep
    knowledge of the catechism.
  5. Homosexual men/pedophiles to not be admitted to the
  6. Traditional bishops who uphold the teachings of the Church
  7. Restoration of our seminaries to include good orthodox,
    traditional instruction. Out with the dissenters and heretics!
  8. Restoration of altar boys only
  9. Homilies that teach about faith and morals
  10. Replacing ecumenical efforts of dialog with actual conversion

I’m not sure if this counts, but priests who behave and lead the people into reverence and awe for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and the Eucharist.
What goes on in some places makes me want to cry and scream all at the same time.:crying: :banghead:

Pope Benedict XVI was 40 years old. :wink:

Of course that counts! I wish for that too.

  1. More Traditional priests who know their Latin, and are available to give good spiritual advice

I’d love this, seeing as I was told in Confession not to reverence the Eucharist before receiving because the Bishops said not to and that I’d be committing an act of disobedience to the Bishops of the United States by doing it (and I might be setting myself apart, and that I might trip the people behind me). That’s the last time I go to that parish…


:bigyikes: And that was a Catholic confessor???

Oh, wow! Paramedicgirl, you totally read my mind! I also agree with you, exiled!

I’d like to see Communion rails put back up and for those who have them to be grateful for it and put them to good use; not just there for people to look at and move around wondering, “Why are these bars here?” :confused:

Our pastor has put them back up in parishes he was in before. We want to do it at our parish now, but the bishop put the smack down on that one…he STILL chastises our pastor for doing it in the parish he was in quite a few years ago!!!:eek:

Everything from first poster with added content.

  1. Better looking Churches.
  2. Better sounding choirs, that have training in classical music.
  3. Get rid of single cantors for responses. Sounds to much like The Sound of Music musical.
  4. Hopefully the various orders will start wearing their traditional garb when in public. Nuns wearing their habit’s for example.
  5. Young women encouraged to become “Nuns”, rather than “Women Priests”.
  6. More Traditional Catholic material published.
  7. Getting rid of the NAB translation, or any other inclusive language translation of the Bible. More appropriate ones would be of course the classic Douay Rheims, or the more modern RSV Catholic Edition, and Second Catholic Edition, as well as The Jerusalem Bible.
  8. Churches stocking up on incense, either traditional Catholic or Orthodox incense. And using it, reverently. At Vespers, Matins, and Mass.
  9. More Candles!.
  10. Better looking statuary, or Icons. (Icons go back to very early tradition).
  11. Mass being referred to a Sacrifice rather than a Celebration.
  12. Strict rules on talking, photography, etcc. When present in a Church or Cathederal. That includes popular Cathederals as well. Like Notre Dame in France.
  13. Public Matins and Vespers, with Gregorian Chant.
  14. Priests more involved with teaching theology in their parish. Not just lay people. Conducting Bible studies, Church history and tradition studies, Prayer, etcc.
  15. No eucharistic ministers. This is the priest or deacons job!.
    (for ref: their were no eucharistic ministers present at Mass, for 400 years prior to the seventies.)

I’m sure I could add more to this post. :slight_smile:

All wishes good so far.

I’d like to add to have your local church open at all times.

To further a point already made - I would lay down the law regarding the construction of new parishes.

If it were up to me, there would never again be a Catholic church built that looks like a college lecture hall.

Abstract stained glass should be put into the trash.

Did someone say reverence?

Explore Georgia Santucci

Yeah… Someone once told me there’s a church that looks like a SPACESHIP! :eek:

Songs that actually honor Our Lord and Lady instead of singing of the trees and what not.

Prayer for Vocations at each Mass… Ours do! :smiley:

More times for Confession… None of that “you must make an appointment” junk.

Speak of the TRUTH and beauty of the Mass and other doctrines in homilies and homilies that teach people what is wrong! Like contraception.

I’d like to say more adoration too… Not that there isnt’ a lot already if you know where to look… What we really need is for people to really UNDERSTAND Who is there! And Who waits for us to come to Him!

And until vocations increase, a bit of extra prayer for our current clergy and Bishops wouldn’t go astray either - I’m sure plenty of problems are simply the result of overwork and underresourcing :frowning:

Here is a humble Germans wish

Reconciliation of the SSPX
More traditional priests
More traditional Catholic seminaries
The Mass of all Time available in all Churches
Less modern buildings, back to the old style
churches as you see often like in Germany
Absolute reverence at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

My wife would like to see,

More traditonal Catholic nuns
no evangelistic type music in churches, no bands in churches
no liturgical dancers
no female altar servers
Women always dressing modestly, meaning head coverings, and
long skirts well below the knee, and long shirts over the elbow and
no low cut front on the shirt.

  1. Before restoring altar rails, restoring true devotion in our own hearts.
  2. Before wishlists, humble acceptance and obedience to the Holy See
  3. Unconditional acceptance of the Holy Father as Christ on Earth
  4. Before reforms, vigilance, prayer, and self-examination to discern “of what spirit we are”

Back to the old style which they did it with ballparks and it increased interest. Why not churches?

1- All parish calendar activities faithful to the magisterium. That means no eco-spirituality, no reiki, and no enneagrams, etc. Replace those with traditional, saintly devotions.
2- Deny obviously immodestly clad parishioners communion (now that summer’s coming and so many like to wear hardly anything).
3- I agree that the the structure of the church building should be reverant… centered on God rather than ourselves (no “super-happy-community-funtime”). No octagons!
4- I wish more nuns would wear the habit. It’s a beautiful and humble testimony to the public without even having to say a word. Plus, it doesn’t leave much room for androgynous feminism in dress.
5- Music of a higher calling. Gregorian. I just can’t imagine the 60’s hymns with or without the guitars leading the angels to weep.
6- Kneel for communion, receive on tongue.
7- More holy images and statues.
8- Exclude modern art.
9- Have at least one parish have 24 hour confessions, 7 days a week. Rotate priests to cover hours. This almost seems a necessity in this world that is marinating in sin.
10- All parishes should have 7:30 PM confessions on Wednesday, in addition to the Saturday confession. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes.
11- Encourage more women to wear the mantilla. Educate women that the church has not done away with it, and explain although it’s not a requirement, it is a pious thing.
12- If there must be interfaith gatherings, no prayers allowed to other “gods” in the parish or even on parish properties. None of this “we all worship different forms of the same god” heresy.
13- More parish devotions times.
14- Archdiocese and diocese encourage and reward parishes that are loyal, while chastising “progressive” parishes.
15- Bishops, archbishops to have a low tolerance policy for dissident priests/retreat centers/convents/parishes/groups, etc.
16- This is one I’ve always kind of fancied, although I completely understand if no one else likes the idea… But I think it would be nice, and a great help in today’s immodest world, if perhaps Catholic women could have modest Catholic dresses (or shirts & skirts) sold and approved by the Church. Not a habit, of course, but more of an approved prescription for readily made modesty. Too many people suffer from moral relativism when it comes to modesty & clothing (what one may find immodest, another may not agree, etc. There would be no doubt Catholic clothing for women would be modest). All proceeds go to the Catholic Church. And yes, maybe attire for men too. This would be a great way for convents to make money that they may need, and to help Catholic women dress in Mary-like modesty. I understand if some people don’t like this suggestion, although I’m not talking burqas (the dresses wouldn’t cover the face!).
17- I guess over all, just more loyalty all around.

Oh yes, that I forgot! return of the communion rail, and receiving Holy Communion by mouth only.

Ballparks? Iam not understanding. clarify please?

Sure, have you been to the 70’s ballparks in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia? So bland-looking so they returned to more traditional-looking parks like Camden Yards, Coors Field, and now have destroyed those 70’s ballparks.

I know I shouldn’t compare ballparks with churches so I won’t go further. Maybe bad analogy too. Sorry if it is.

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