Let's go to Switzerland

I mean, I’m neutral and I like guns.
But, also, I like mountains.
I do speak some French, Italian, and German.
Sadly, no Romansch.
Come on y’all, let’s go!

Just for a visit the Swiss Alps would be gorgeous to see.

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I know, right? But the country is so dang expensive. Because Swiss people are, as a whole, rather well off. Switzerland, is, unfortunately, a country made for Swiss people. There’s nothing wrong with that, but, when a major part of your economy is tourism, that is a deterrent.

MMM it’s really expensive there. I am told most people can never afford a house there, but rent forever. I could not bring myself to the idea of renting forever. @Oddbird please comment.

Expensive but decent inexpensive beer. :beers:

Do they have good homemade cheese there? If so I’m going.

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I’m wondering about the future of fondue…

Top 10 most popular Swiss cheeses

It will be delicious until the end of time

I want to go. It’s on my bucket list. I want to get chocolate.

Are they open for tourist?

There’s some precautions, but, so far as I can tell, yes.

My friend used to live in Switzerland for some years. I’d visit, but after hearing the stories of all the rules one has to follow about keeping your apartment super duper clean, not making any noise during certain hours, not showering during certain hours, having a very limited time window to do laundry etc I wouldn’t want to live there. Friend now lives in England, much better.


See though, having to keep my apartment clean, people being quiet, and having a set time to shower sounds awesome to me.


Sounds like you were made for that country then, enjoy!

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I’m not a neat freak, but I hate things being out of place. That being said, the fact you can be denied Swiss citizenship for being too annoying, makes it a very interesting countryWoman deemed ‘too annoying’ to get Swiss citizenship wins battle for passport.

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That is too funny. Sorry you’re too annoying to live in this country… go to America. LOL :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Thanks for the tag, @Dan_Defender!

Yeah, Switzerland is expensive, for Swiss people too. Granted, wages are higher than in neighbouring European countries, but it has been calculated that for an average family with two kids to live comfortably, the minimal wage should be around the equivalent of $4,000 a month (there isn’t currently a federal minimal wage; some states have one, some don’t).

Yep. We’ll probably never be able to buy a house here, although if we keep saving as we do we’ll be able to afford a nice one in France when we retire. That’s the same for most people.

It has its upsides too. A lot of people around me radically downsize when they retire, get rid of accumulated useless things, rent a much smaller place with a cheaper rent, and use the money they save to travel a lot while their health still allows it.

As a proud Frenchwoman I’ll say that French cheese has no rival, but Switzerland isn’t too bad :laughing: There is chocolate too.

Yes. If you come from a country which is on the Federal “red list”, you’ll have to be quarantined for ten days though.

Absolutely true, although the rules are probably worse in German-speaking Switzerland than for us Latins (French and Italian-speaking Switzerland). You still can’t shower after 10pm, have to juggle five different trash cans and pay crazily expensive taxes on non-recyclable waste, and most apartment buildings have a shared laundry room in the basement where you are attributed a weekly two-hour slot. When my husband got his first parish and the accompanying rectory, we were positively elated about being able to have our own washing machine.


I had a French professor who has actually lived in the Romady, and she said Switzerland is VERY clean. I’m assuming it’s true. That is something I would certainly like.

Well, we used to live in Paris before moving to the French suburb of Geneva and then the Romandy, and it certainly was a nice change not to have to worry about dog poop when walking on the sidewalks. :sweat_smile:

There also is much less littering.

There’s a movie called “Welcome to Switzerland” in which a Franco-Swiss couple goes to the guy’s Swiss village, where he hasn’t set foot since childhood, to collect an inheritance. In one of the opening scenes, the Parisian wife throws her cigarette stub on the pavement – and everybody around stops what they were doing and stares at her. That’s not too far from the reality in some places :joy:


The same French professor has lived in Paris and Bordeaux. I guess when you’re comparing Switzerland to Paris, it’s going to look clean, no matter what. (Not saying Paris is dirty, but I know about the dog poop problem)

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