Let's Hear It for the Mayor in Joisey

The mayor of Bogota, N.J., a Republican candidate for governor, has invited his political rivals as well as " people of all faiths" to join him in singing the Christmas songs that were banned from a high-school holiday program due to their religious nature.

Mayor Steve Lonegan is organizing what he calls an “illegal” night of caroling Tuesday to draw attention to the “Grinches” of the South Orange/Maplewood Board of Education. The district this year banned even instrumental versions of Christmas songs like “Silent Night” and Handel’s “Messiah.”

“The school district’s decision to prohibit even instrumental versions of classic Christmas tunes shows that those who claim to speak for tolerance are in fact the most intolerant,” Lonegan said in a statement. “It’s time people lighten up and enjoy the Christmas and Hanukkah season instead of denying the religious foundation of our nation and the holiday season.”


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