"Lets Make Jesus Famous"


How would you respond to someone who says this:

“What do we as the church have to do to for the non-Christian’s attention? What do we need to do to keep the Christian’s attention?”

"I had the privilege to go see my favorite band, *Duran Duran, *last week…We were among 18,000 or so people in this giant arena and all I could think about was the “Worship” that was happening all around me and how we as the church could plug into that same power source (the energy I mean) The couple on our left flew in from London for the concert, the couple to our right flew in from Italy for the concert…That’s about 20,000 miles round trip! Some people won’t get up and drive 5 miles to church.

“For some reason it isn’t as cool as a concert anymore. Duran Duran was an incredible show with unbelievable lights, sound and sing along music. All of this technology and glitz for nothing of true value to our lives, while we as the church have the most amazing life changing message to share and somehow make it boring. Let’s change and make Jesus the most famous guy around again%between%

This comes from the “pastor of music/media” at a local non-denominational church here bayareafellowship.com/bafweb/ that has turned sunday worship into a concert series. It has been called “six flags over Jesus” and other such things. You can watch the 30 min. preaching from last weekend here.

I was just curious as to what you have to say about people who say the message of Jesus needs to not be “boring,” and create a visually stimulating church experience.

On a side note, this church has become just about the fastest growing “business” ever in the city. Their weekend attendance is well over 3,000, and they rake in several million dollars a year, and it is on a steady incline.



[quote=michaelgazin]How would you respond to someone who says this…

I would ask, “What is the **purpose **of going to Church?” If we are going to give worship, praise, and glory to God, we do not need light shows and sound boards. If we are going simply to be entertained, then the purpose of going to Church is no different than going to a Duran Duran concert.

Do we go to GIVE glory to God, or to RECEIVE entertainment?

Duran Duran MUST put on a flashy show - that is ALL they have to offer, and the fans expect to get their money’s worth (they paid for the show, remember). Hopefully, a Church has MUCH MORE to offer, and does not need the flash and glitz.

Of course, it does not surprise me that many people attend this guy’s services. Put on a free, entertaining show every Sunday and people will come. But how many of these folks would hang around if the performance got stale or unappealing? Does a sincere faith need light shows?


I don’t see anything wrong with a flashy, emotional “praise and worship” session. Just don’t confuse it with the Mass.

A few years ago I went to one in California at Frederick Price’s Faithdome in an LA ghetto. It was pretty cool, but a little loud for my taste.

About 10-15 years ago there was a huge charismatic meeting in Wichita, where they had such a praise and worship session along with some evidently pretty inspired preaching (I was impressed and I was a tremendous skeptic – plus the woman singled me out from the whole crowd and told me some weird things). After all the revelry, Bishop Eugene Gerber then said Mass in the normal way. Normal, that is, except that we had a room full of Catholics singing the hymns enthusiastically!



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