Let's perform a thought experiment: "Create a world of your own"

No. Just making a world that we think would be suitable. It has many aspects to it. This is just one.

I think God created a natural order where any number of possibilities can become actual within the limits of it’s nature. So in a sense there are unintended consequences, but only in the sense that God did not directly with intent design a shark with razor sharp teeth (for example), rather it is simply one possible outcome of what he did create, and there is likely many universes doing the same thing.

I think your universe is creatively limited, because you are allowing no possibility other than what you desire. But you don’t know that some good could not have become real otherwise. This is merely to say there may be some good in allowing your universe to have some creative possibilities of it’s own. In other-words there might be some value in creating a blind watchmaker.

Your right. I meant that originally no one, including animals, were carnivores. (Did you know that centipedes are carnivores? I enjoy reading up on different things.)

The answer I gave is all the answer available. I didn’t perceive the question as a serious attempt to gather information, but rather a not-so-subtle dig, and answered accordingly.

I’m not looking for information. I’m just asking what you believe. Based on the fact that you have told me that there is one thing you don’t know ‘because you weren’t there’.

I think that that is a generic get-out-of-jail card used to avoid giving an opinion which would support an argument with which you would rather not agree.

If I agree or disagree with an argument, I say so. I have been convinced to change my position on various things based on sound arguments more than once.

I haven’t gone back through the thread to see exactly what is being referred to here as I have other demands on my time, but if I remember correctly it had to do with whether I thought that there was predation before the Fall. What you should keep in mind here is that I am not necessarily going to parrot the official line since I am not Catholic, and frankly I am not entirely sure what the official line is in this case. But more to the point I believe that for nearly as long as there have been life forms of any kind on Earth, some of those life forms have survived by consuming other life forms, and some of those life forms that were consumed could be described as animal, therefore I believe that carnivores have existed for most of the time that life on Earth has existed. Whether that state of affairs is a net good or not is debatable, but I can definitely see where such activity can be of value in a self-sustaining ecosystem, whether it was originally designed or “jest growed”.

Your response to a reasonable question was: ‘I wasn’t there’. Is it not reasonable to ask if that response is applicable to other matters?

The reasonableness was a matter of opinion. And the level of such is rapidly declining in mine. Next?

In a Catholic forum it is an exceptionally reasonable question. If you are not Catholic then I would assume that a reasonable answer would have been: ‘I am not Catholic. I don’t proscribe to the concept of the fall’.

An unreasonable answer (in fact, no answer at all) would be: ‘I wasn’t there so I don’t know’.

A reasonable follow up to that would be asking you what other events that might include. That’s next.

You are assigning reasonableness from your perspective. I assigned it from mine. As far as how I respond, mine wins. I really think this is sufficient thread derailment to no real purpose any more.

The whole idea of this thread is to conjure up an imaginary world and see what people’s reactions are to it. I can’t see you having much input if you base your opinions on any matter depending on whether you were actually in attendence.

I am having a difficult time believing that you are actually that wrapped around the axle about a single throwaway line in a single post. If you really are, then there is no point in continuing as far as I am concerned. If you are really not, then there is no point in continuing the game. In either case, there is no point in any of this. I am done with it. Muting now.

“You have sufficient power to create a physical universe. What would you do?”

that can certainly tickle the minds of imagination concerning speculative creations…

however, the Hope of the New Earth and New Jerusalem/Heaven to come - surpasses anything whatsoever that my imperfect mind could ever conjur…

All I know is Thank God He is God because none of us are even close to being able to be Him.

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Well, you won’t read this, but for the benefit of others…

The trite ‘you weren’t there’ line is one trotted out in my direction whenever something like evolution or abiogenesis comes up. It seems incredible to some that I can suggest some process or event from contemporaneous evidence and have some confidence about it without me actually having wandered the prehistoric forrest to personally view it happening.

So to have it used as an excuse when a reasonable question is asked about an opinion on what life was like before the fall niggles a little. And I was not (and still am not and most likely will not be) inclined to let such nonsense slip by unchallenged.

Use it at your peril.

It’s weird. I’m getting a Minecraft vibe from this.

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First this song will begin a new world

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