Let's play 'Guess that Saint!'

This is a game where you leave short groupings of clues describing a saint and the other readers have to guess which saint.


  1. Stubborn New York goer (Tortured and returned to New York state)
  2. Went swimming after death (body was thrown into the river)
  3. Could only give a high-three, not a high-five (Mohawks gnawed off his forefinger and thumb to try to prevent him from offering Mass)

Answer: St. Isaac Jogues

  1. Born Jewish, converted to atheism, then converted to Catholicism
  2. Was considered at one point to be one of the greatest up and coming philosophers of the time
  3. Holocaust victim

St. Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)

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OK here’s one…

  1. Went from being a regretful teenage runaway,

  2. to a “Robin Hood” who stole food right off people’s stoves to give to the poor,

  3. to a superhero who saved the patients from a burning hospital.


Here’s one:

  1. Hopeless opium addict for most of his life
  2. Denied the sacraments for the last 30 years of his life
  3. Died a martyr after insisting his 9 family members, children and grandchildren, be martyred first.
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St Mark Ji TianXiang.

Now somebody has to guess mine.

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  1. Hairdresser to the rich and famous
  2. Almost got kicked out of the cathedral by a racist usher
  3. Bought freedom for his wife and children but chose to stay a slave, himself

St John of God?

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St Francis of Assisi?

Blessed Pierre Toussaint?

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  1. He was Servant of the Servants of God.
  2. He was exiled and starved to death.
  3. The last of his kind to be martyred.


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St. Pope Martin I

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  1. Was the Pope’s stand in for four days.
  2. ‘Treasured’ the poor
  3. “Turn me over, I’m done on this side!”
  1. Elected Pope on a fluke
  2. Considered one of the worst Popes to ever live
  3. Liked to sweep the floor of St. Peter’s
  1. Due to the government in his native country, he was called Uncle by those who knew him.
  2. During the papal conclave in which he was elected Pope, he was a compromise pick.
  3. He started an event for young people that takes place in different parts of the world every 3-4 years.

St. Lawrence

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Pope St. John Paul II.


That’s correct!

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  1. Because he liked to hunt too much, his dad founded the world’s first culinary academy to use up all the meat
  2. First to promote perpetual adoration within a religious order
  3. Had his heart stolen after his death because the Redemptorists he was visiting when he died were afraid that they wouldn’t be given one of his relics.

A fourth hint, because almost no one has heard of him:

  1. The founder of my order…
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