Let's play 'Guess that Saint!'

My pre-VII Latin missal says Nov. 12th, which is the same day as we celebrate it on the Byzantine Catholic calendar. I wonder why it was moved to the 14th.

Interesting…my missal is pre VII also. The Novus Ordo calendar has it on the 12th.

Here’s an easy one:

Grandfather of our Lord.

St. Joachim

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You’re right! I just checked my 1925 Blessed Be God Latin missal and it says Nov. 14th. Mea culpa!

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Here’s another:

  1. Mother and three daughters
  2. All martyrs
  3. Their feast is U.S. Constitution Day.

A movie about this Catholic martyr, based on a play with the same title, won numerous Academy Awards including “Best Picture”, “Best Director” and “Best Actor”.

Name the saint.

St. Thomas Moore. A Man for All Seasons

Awesome movie, by the way.

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  1. He was a stigmatic.
  2. He was able to bilocate.
  3. He predicted to a saint already mentioned in this thread that the latter would become the Bishop of Rome.

St. Pio of Pietrelcina


That’s correct!

  1. Was ordained simply because his superiors put the wrong person on a boat.
  2. Once hoisted a piano up a cliff by hand.
  3. Died when his body began to rot away from under him.

I’ll try one:

  1. Sold good junk so that others could go to school.
  2. Major communication issues with spouse.
  3. (Apocryphal?) May not have wanted to wed spouse because of spouse’s physical characteristics.

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