Let's Pray 2000s Hail Mary's on Wednesday


A local prayer ministry already prayed 2000 Hail Mary’s together this last Saturday and I attended. But I didn’t do it then. I will rather do it this Wednesday, which is more accurate plus I lost my focus and I couldn’t follow along on the rosary with so many people present. This is not a widely known devotion in America to Our Lady, but I believe it and I plan to set aside time to pray 2000 Hail Mary’s. I broke it down, and its 40 Rosaries. 50 beads on each rosary multiplied by 40 rosaries said = 2000 Hail Mary’s. What to pray it along with it, is posted on another thread in this ‘Spirituality’ forum because it contains too many characters. Be sure to read it to pray to accordingly. I made some notes on a paper to make sure I’m following along. It is said that three petitions are granted to you after such a devotion. This is on 25TH OF MARCH, THE FEAST OF THE INCARNATION OF THE SON OF GOD. Meaning this Wednesday! And in the link below, a clergymen shares how his prayers were answered even if it took years to be fulfilled. Mary is literally ‘FULL OF GRACE’ and she can with much love pray before our Heavenly Father that our requests will be answered. Obviously it shouldn’t deviate from His Will. Petitions like finding work, converting loved ones, starting a ministry, or entering a ministry, having a gift from the Holy Spirit, and stopping a bad habit, vice, or sin are all okay in my reasoning. Obviously asking for a million dollar home, fame, etc. are probably not going to be answered that way.



Wonderful devotion! I suggest praying a Hail Mary for its spread :wink:


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