Lets pray these lost sheep back into the Church!

Famous people or celebrities who have been alienated or apostized from the Catholic Church who need our prayers to help them back into the fold

  1. Anne Rice
  2. Tom Cruise
  3. John Travolta
  4. Martha Stewart
  5. Dennis Leary
  6. Conan O’Brien
  7. Chris Hardwick
  8. Patton Oswalt
  9. F. Paul Wilson
    Feel free to add to the list

How about Madonna?

Lady GaGa:eek:

Anne Hathaway.

how can you be so sure that all the sheep in the cc are not lost?

Because then the gates of Hell would have prevailed, and Scripture would no longer be inerrant.

I remember reading an interview about Anne Rice returning to the church and dedicating herself to writing Christian fiction. Has she left the church a second time?

Unfortunely yes–she came back in essentially as a “cafeteria catholic”, but the fact the Church has actually clarified that women’s ordination will never occur, that homosexual acts are grave sin (her son Christopher is gay), and the Abuse crisis caused her publicaly to dissasociate–but how she worded it, I expect that when her time comes, she will ask for reconcilliation through the Last Rites–may we all pray that she has that opportunity


you are of the view that there is no hope for christopher or for her unless last rites are performed…?
pontiffs are NOW of the view that members of other religions are also sacred in the eyes of Jesus, which implies that salvation is possible outside of the so-called church?

so even if this lady cited here, lives a life full of love, which is Jesus’ only teaching, she is not privileged to see GOD, is your emphatic belief?

it follows that you, however sinful or lacking in LOVE, would be in Paradise, just because you receive last rites?

you really make a mockery of LOVE which is LIFE!

“LOVE”, I admire your spiritual discernment of my soul–yes that is sarcasm:cool:

You are obviously not a mind reader and never will be. You are obviously not a very good reader either. You seem intent on reading into myself (possibly others) beliefs and intentions that are not there or even implied there. That also seems to be your practice in reading Scripture, which is called “eiegesis”, an interpretative fallacy. For example just where in Scripture does it say “…a life full of love, which is Jesus’ only teaching”. Where does it say that negates God’s justice?

I make no judgment of Anne’s spiritual state or her son’s either. That is between them and God. I do know from the unanimous voice of Sacred Scripture and Holy Tradition that certain acts, including homosexual acts, are grave sins (heterosexual fornication and adultery are just as threatening to one’s soul–the standard is the same). It is always been the continious voice of the one Church Christ founded that “there is no salvation outside the Church”. Now just where the boundries of the Church end is another question–but one is much more secure within the visible boundries, being a recipient of the Sacraments.

Lord, hear our prayers

What she had done is to prove that she’s an enabler.

Rumor has it that Tom Cruise is leaving the ‘‘church’’ of Scientology. Maybe there’s hope for him yet.

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