Lets pretend Christianity doesnt exist:what religion would u be

I’d personally be a jew.they share(at least a part) a holy book with us

Not really sure. I’d probably be a deist. The revelation of Christ and his resurrection is the reason I am a Christian.

A theist, or maybe an extremely moderate form of Islam

It’s more than just that Judaism shares some of the same holy texts as Christianity. It is the foundation of the Christian faith and what you find started in Judaism you will find completed in Christianity. This is why the Jewish faith is treated differently than all the other non-Christian faiths in the portion of the CCC that covers them.

I’d probably be a Jew.

Well stated.

Christianity did not exist for thousands of years, during that time you were either born as a Jew or pagan… however you look at it, there was no salvation or redemption. IMO

Perhaps also moderate Islam because they share a belief in Jesus Christ(though an imperfect understanding of Him) and have respect and love for Mary.

That’s hard to say. My ancestors came from Europe - Germany England and Slovenia, mostly. If Christianity did not exist, I doubt I would be culturally Jewish, though I might convert if they’d have me. If there was no Christianity there would not likely be Islam as we know it either (if you believe Hilaire Belloc, that is). I might still adhere to the pagan religions of my ancestors, who knows? And if I were a pagan, and became aware of the Eastern religions like Buddhism, I might chose one of those.

A reform Jew - that’s how Jesus began his ministry!

Same here!

I too would be a Jew.

Fyi if Christianity didn’t exist i would still think that Islam would exist but without the story of e.g. yahya (John the baptist) and the rest (like e.g. Without St. Anna, Zachariah, St. Mary, Isa Almasih (Jesus)). This because Islam is from Abraham.

Well judging from who my ancestors are, I’d be a Germanic pagan. That’s what religion they were prior to the conversion. Heck I have ancestors with the names of Germanic Gods.

As my ancestors were, I’d probably be a Druid or some other, however magnificent, Pagan abstract and heretic.

I agree with you, only a small minority of people are and were born Jews and the Jews haven’t sought converts in 2000 years. So we’d practice whatever our ancestral religion was unless we traveled and purposely sought out something else.

I’d be a Jew.


But I wouldn’t mind being Jewish.

Either Judaism or Islam, they both have similar (but different) beliefs to us.

Jewish or a blanding of Irish and Czech paganism or a Caltic Druid. :cool: :shrug:

Agnostic, constantly wandering, in search of something spiritual and meaningful.

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