Lets pretend Christianity doesnt exist:what religion would u be

Jew too. Love the Hebrew Bible, particularly Isaiah.

I would be Jewish just not sure which kind. Maybe orthodox.

Islam wouldn’t be the same because Islam believes in Jesus as a prophet who will return and believes in Mary his mother.

The beliefs of the Tlingit peoples, like many traditional religions, have a complex and broad history. Tlingit tales tell of the creator, Kah-shu-gooh-yah, whose sacred name was never said above a whisper. This being created all living things, in addition to controlling the sun, moon, stars, and daylight. Nass-aa-geyeil’, or Raven, organized the world and its customs, and many Tlingit myths revolve around his existence. The world, to the Tlingit people, is filled with spirits, or yéiks, who could manifest their powers through any thing. Therefore, the Tlingit people were taught to respect every thing that existed around them; the punishment for disrespect was loss of food.

Each person also had a guardian spirit, known as a tu-na-jek. Spirits went to an afterlife in accordance with their morality throughout their life, similarly to heaven and hell in other religions. Those who withheld a high standard of morals were sent to Kiwa-wa, and others were sent to Ketl-kiwa. However, this afterlife only lasted for a short duration; individuals would eventually return as a reincarnation of a deceased maternal relative.


Since the other half I came from was a farm boy in Iowa (descended from Germany)… I probably would not have been born without Christianity.

-No Christianity means no Islam
-Diet Coke and Pepsi have the same main ingredients as Coke, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some major and important differences between how Diet Coke tastes compared to Coke and how Pepsi tastes compared to Coke.

I was incorrect about that, my bad. If so, just Judaism then.

Islam are decedents from Abraham (Ishmile). Christians are decedents of Abraham (Isaac). Jewish (Abrahams lineage) and include Islam because of Ishmile. They would exist in different form, but would still exist.

I wonder if the Jewish people would still be crying for the messiah & such if the Christ did not come. It’s my understanding, the conversion of the Jews at that time did infact have a positive outcome on the Jewish, economically.

You’re correct about Islam. If Abraham never had Hagai, there wouldn!t be Ismael, thus no Islam.

Oh wait a minute, although my first answer was I would be a ajew, i would look at my ancestors: they are Chinese, Indonesian, Dutch and Portuguese. So, if Christianity had not existed, i would actually be either Buddhist or Muslim, but I knew that after I moved to netherlands, i would be a converted Jew, no matter what kind of Jew

Probably qabbalistic Judaism or some deeply spiritual form of Hinduism.

-Islam claims to be an Abrahamic faith, that is not the same as actually being an Abrahamic faith.
-Christianity isn’t valid because it’s a cousin to Judaism, it’s valid because it is the conclusion/fulfillment of it. This same claim (being the conclusion/fulfillment) is what Islam basis it’s validity on, not that it is a cousin to Judaism and Christianity.
-It would exist in such a radically different form that it wouldn’t be considered Islam due to how Islam validates itself with Christianity.

So Islam is a divinely inspired and guided faith?

Christianity is valid through lineage … That’s why the gosspel starts with that long, long, long, lineage. Agreed, Christianity is the fulfillment of Gods covenants to the Jewish people.

Agreed, Islam indeed would be vastly different … But it would still be a religion.

One common thread I see in ALL religions is the unity of family. All religions base existNce on this. It confuses me when people want to separate religion from everything; does that show how the same people are for destroying family?

Who’s your family? I’m glad Christianity exists, and we have God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit as the lead of our family.

Hmmm … Would Mormans be a religion without Christianity?

-Islam would still be Islam because it would a vastly different religion if Christianity didn’t exist? That’s like saying a can of Pepsi is really a can of Diet Coke because even though it doesn’t use the Coke formula it’s still a soft drink and contains the same base materials.
-How exactly am I trying to destroy some sort of family?

I would be an animist as well. Pagan it may be, I do wish the Spanish weren’t such eager ‘missionaries’ that they forced cultural identities far deep into the archaeological underground.

I’m always amused by the facts about my heritage that I imagine no foreign, medieval proselytizer would want me to hear.

God called me to relationship with him first through Stoicism. Before that I was a nontheistic humanist whose faith was in science-driven material progress. I was ex-Pentecostal, ex-religious. If Christianity did not exist, I would be whatever God called me to be, but that calling began for me through Stoicism, and so whatever I was, it would be built on that I do not think it an accident that in my church, the stained glass above the altar depicts Paul, standing in Athens with the pillars of a porch (a stoa) behind him.

Perhaps you might explain all that?

Pagan, probably. Maybe, atheist/agnostic.

I don’t think I would be attracted much to Judaism, or had much interest in the Old Testament, if it weren’t for how it was revealed in the light of Christ and the New Testament.

i live in Asia (Philippines) if Christianity did not reach us…i think we would be like any other natives here who have supernatural beliefs, belief that all things and places have spirits or dieties.

If Christianity didn’t exist I doubt most people would know enough about Judaism to convert, since they don’t seek converts, nor do they seem to win friends wherever they go.

It’s hard to imagine what the world would be like today without the history that occured as the result of the spread of Christianity, so I don’t know how much exposure or which religions I would even know about.

Based on my ethnic back round, I would be pagan by heritage. But if I had knowledge and access to other faiths, I would likely choose Pantheism as I have now.

I haven’t been here too long, but this takes the cake as the strangest question I’ve seen here so far :stuck_out_tongue: and I apologize ahead of time, but since this is an existential question, I’m going to take the existential route here.

I am a Christian. So, if Christianity did not exist, then I suppose that, in accordance with what I currently believe, nothing would exist. Everything, Christianity and otherwise, exists for a predetermined purpose. To pretend one thing does not exist is to pretend that the ultimate purpose does not exist. If I had to pretend this purpose didn’t exist, then I’d have to pretend that Creation (e.g. time and space) did not exist. The hypothetical nature of such defection is proving rather unfathomable for my fragile, material mind.

In short, it’s impossible to even imagine not being a Christian, at least to me. It’s like saying, “Let’s pretend you weren’t born: What would your favorite color be?” It’s a paradox :slight_smile:

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