Let's put the shoe on the other foot


Just imagine for a moment…

Al-jazzerah September 11, 2007: Today Sheik Achmed bin Achmed in a speech to the United Assembly of Islamic Imams stated that, “Catholicism is violent because the Pope has his own army of Swiss Guards.”

In response hundreds of thousands of Catholics gathered in St. Peter’s square. The Pope called them to defend Catholicism and force Sheik Achmed to apologize. The Sheik was burned in effigy. Crowds of Catholics burned Qurans and several Mosques were burned. One Muslim sheik was killed after a priest in his homily called for the death of Sheik Achmed and the unbelievers. It is widely rumored that the Pope will issue a death sentence on Sheik Achmed and grant an indulgence to whoever kills him.

A group of Franciscans pledged to assassinate a Muslim every day until the Sheik apologized. Over a hundred Jesuits attacked a group of Muslim women and children beating them. All over Europe and America Catholics rampaged and marched spreading destruction and mayhem. “We are not violent said Stan Smith of Omaha, Nebraska, and if anyone says we are then we will kill them!” Bishops around the world called their flocks to take up arms and suborn the infidel who dare to insult the peaceful religion of Catholicism. “They must accept their limits and not insult our faith or they forfeit our protection. The Sheik must apologize and say he is sorry or else. We are a peaceful people, but don’t push us or say something we don’t like, If you do then you are ignorant, we won’t listen, and you might get hurt.” said Bishop Farsical of the Diocese of Podunk, Iowa.

Despite an expression of regret by Sheik Achmed the Pope said today “That isn’t good enough. Keep up the killing till we get what we want.”

#Now folks, can you even IMAGINE something like that in todays world? I can’t. But that is what it would look like if we acted like they do. Just something to ponder.


Hey, I totally agree. These Muslims think anyone who says anything they don’t like deserves death. I don’t like their religion. They are a bunch of thugs.:mad:


Not all of them, Sailboat.


It’s just the religion of peace at work - burning churches, shooting nuns in the back, issuing death threats. Yup - very peaceful indeed.


I am just so concerned Cestus…cryiing for one Pope dead does not make me ready to cry for another. Father Corapi and my pastor both has stated (this week-enf btw) that there will never be any peace at all until we are united in our belief in Jesus Christ. There is no going to the Father except through Jesus…so how can the Muslims and/or the Jews go to the Father if they don’t believe in Jesus…

Lord, have mercy…:bowdown:


This raises an interesting question…were there any Muslim Thuggee? I’ve seen fleeting hints of it about the internet, but does anyone actually know? It seems so implausible to me, what with the patron Kali and all.


If you take one shoe off and put it on the other foot, you’ll notice it doesn’t fit and you can’t walk properly with it.

That’s about as accurate a description of the opening post as I can give.


Eventually the eyes opf the Jewish people will be opened.
Romans 11:25
When the complete number of gentiles have come to the Father through Jesus then the stubborness of the Jews will cease.


Did he visit your parish or something (Fr. Corapi)? I want to invite him to mine! Or at least a parish nearby.


I don’t really want to do this because I believe it is an exercise in futility…Hoist the jolly roger!

Yo, ho, ho, my friend pro! Any reasonable person of western European descent would recognize Benedict’s lecture for what it is - a lecture. But you, along with your Islamic podnahs (that is New Orleans’ speak for “friends”) have taken an academic lecture totally out of context and are using it for your own nefarious ends.

I ask you again as I did last year, drop the false flag. Your views are not consistent with any Catholic I know. Fly your true colors, sir! If Islam is so attractive to you; deny the divinity of Jesus; deny the Holy Trinity and convert to Islam.

And if you say once again that you are a Catholic, may I remind you that Catholic is as Catholic does and you will be held accountable in the end for your pronouncements of “faith”.


I already took your advice. I left the Church some time ago, and I certainly will not be returning. I have stated so on this board.

I did some thinking between the last time we talked and now, and you were right. I just can’t honestly say I think the Catholic Church possesses the truth.

Thank you for helping me to see what I couldn’t before. I had the blinders on about being Catholic, when in reality, my heart was telling me that the religion did not ring true. Thanks to you, and again to cestus, for helping me to think about it.


Oh, here we go again…

I did some thinking between the last time we talked and now, and you were right. I just can’t honestly say I think the Catholic Church possesses the truth.

Ok. All things being equal when you say that the Catholic Church does not posesses the truth you base your affirmation on what exactly? The doctrine? Or just a “feeling”?

If it’s about the teachings I would be interested, if you don’t mind, to know what exactly were the teachings you disagreed with and why. That, I think, would finally be an worthwile discussion.

Maybe a new thread on this would be a good idea so that in the future we will avoid overlapping discutions on unrelated threads.



for Pete’s sake, give it a rest. we get it. between this and every other thread where you’ve repeated yourself ad naseum.
Christ gives a choice to follow him. if you hear the message and walk away, well, a fella in the bible did the same thing to Christ. it’s your choice to make just like it’s our choice to follow Christ.
But you are still here on these boards, which tells me your either being dramatic or you have other intentions. which one is it?


See brotherrohlf’s post. He was clearly under the impression that I was still posting as a Catholic, something I used to do.

As for my presence on the board now that I do not believe the Catholic Church has the truth, see the title at the top of this subforum. It’s a place to discuss non-Catholic religions.


Three things: the incoherence of the doctrine, the behavior of its membership, and my personal feeling that God is not with the Church in the full sense.

If it’s about the teachings I would be interested, if you don’t mind, to know what exactly were the teachings you disagreed with and why. That, I think, would finally be an worthwile discussion.

Well, a big thing is the trinity. It seems to me in retrospect a hasty attempt to reconcile the Jewish tradition of monotheism with man-worship. Deifying good leaders is a natural tendency for humans, and the trinity seems to be a product of that rather than a product of revelation to me.

Maybe a new thread on this would be a good idea so that in the future we will avoid overlapping discutions on unrelated threads.


Good idea. I’ll watch for it.


How about this:

As an experiment, we need two people-one to go to Rome and the other to Mecca.

Man A in Rome will stand in St. Peter’s Square and make derogatory remarks about the Pope, Jesus, and the Catholic Church.

Man B in Mecca will stand by the Ka’ba and make derogatory remarks about various sheiks, imams, ayatollahs, Muhammed and Islam.

What would you want to bet that Man A will at worst get arrested for a public disturbance and Man B will probably be brutally killed?

As to the Pope’s comments, we need to quit kowtowing to these brutes. It seems that every time someone “dare” to criticize Islam, Muslims riot, kill people, blow stuff up and do all sorts of crazy things. The very fact that they can’t even take a very balanced and intellectual criticism without resorting to violence proved my point (if the Pope isn’t going to make it)-they are (on average) incapable of reacting to such things in a rational and calm way. Islam, the religion of peace-BS.


Can’t say, myself. But I do know the origin of the word “assassin”



I created a new thread on this



LOL!!!:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
I hope someone does say that. As funny as the thought is, it would be so much funnier if it really did happen. And I could use a REALLY good laugh.

Actually, I think a better analogy would be if the Muslim leader said that Jesus brought nothing but evil to society. But I know what you’re saying. Christians often complain how they’re treated by otheres, and in the media, but still, I haven’t heard of riots as a result of it.
As I said on another post, whoever is giving the Muslims advice on PR relations should be fired. It’s as if they have no idea how these activities appear to the rest of the world, or they really don’t care. It sure doesn’t make me want to convert to Islam. As someone said, “Any ideology that must resort to violence is a very weak ideology.”


Ok pro, in the spirit of this thread let’s see what kind of response you would get to your post:

Al-jezzerah September 12, 2007: Today it was reported that a Catholic apostate named Pro was sentenced to death by a Catholic tribunal. Despite protests from Islamic leaders he was put to death. Sheik Abdul Omar said, “it is incomprehesible in todays world that any would be killed for simply changing their religion…we Muslims would never do such a barbaric thing…there is something wrong with Catholics for doing that…where are the protests of the “moderate” Catholics I don’t see them protesting this atrocity.”

Cair-Catholics Against Ignorance and Reactionaries-said that execution of apostates was misunderstood and that it is part of all encompassing canon law. “Anyone who says this reflects Catholicism is a bigot and should be prosecuted” said Cair’s President Dan Fogerty. When asked why there were no protests from Catholic religious leaders or moderates he responded, “don’t question us, that’s hate speech.”

Catholics continued to riot over these unfortunate statements against their faith by Islamic leaders. The Pope stated that if someone refused to repent and insisted on leaving the faith then they must die. He said, “we are peaceful, and don’t you forget it, but we cannot tolerate these insults, the people have the right to express their anger, I tell you that we are not violent!”

#Pro, Hopefully you get the point. This kind of thing does NOT happen in Catholicism, but it does in Islam today.

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