Let's See Those Mangers


Here’s ours.


I love your manger! Such details…with all of the animals! Great! I have a manger, but not the detail you have here! Our digital camera is not working, but I will stop in to comment as the pics pour in.:slight_smile: Merry Christmas!


I thought mine looked good until I saw yours, lol. Sorry about the pic quality, i usually do better:o

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I love your niche! You have the perfect spot for mangers, and other statues. Cool.


We have 5 set up these are two of favorites. One is on our domestic altar and the other is outside on the porch. My husband made the outside one.


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Too many here! We have a tiny, ceramic set dd got in her stocking when she was little (from the Dollar Store, I think!). Another cheap, glass set. A wooden set the kids painted when they were younger. A stuffed fabric set I made for the kids to play with about 17 years ago! My nice, big one I got at Price Club MANY years ago. A clay set from Guadalajara, Mexico. And asmall terra cotta Nativity from Asissi. —KCT


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