Let's take a minute to NEVER forget


…What happend 8 years ago. We were not Christians or Jews, believers or unbelievers, republicans or democrats, liberals or conservatives…just Americans.


Prayers for all the families who lost loved ones. :frowning:


May God have mercy on those who died and may He comfort those who miss their loved ones. :crossrc:


I offered my Rosary today in honor of ‘The Saints of New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania’ as a way of remembering those who died on this day eight years ago.

The “Saints” in question are: Mary Immaculate [our nation’s Patroness-the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC]; Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton [born in New York City in 1774, she was received into the Catholic Church at Old St. Peter’s Church, which is near Ground Zero]; Saint John Neumann [ordained to the priesthood at Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, served as a missionary priest in Upstate NY, and made the third Bishop of Philadelphia]; Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini [the ship that brought her from Italy landed in New York City, and she is buried at Mother Cabrini High School in New York]; and Saint Katherine Drexel [born in Pennsylvania, and buried in that state, too].

Pray to God for our nation, dear Mary Immaculate, and all you American Saints, Blesseds, Venerables, and Servants of God…


Prayers for all those who suffered losses that day and are still suffering losses from that day. May we draw closer to God and offer each other comfort.


May God comfort all those who mourn their loved ones and may He especially bless all those who gave their lives so that others may be saved. May God help all Americans to turn their eyes to Him alone. :signofcross:


Pray for all who have lost their lives and for the people affected by this tragedy. I think I’ll say a rosary dedicated to this today. :o


*Watching the History Channel’s replay of 9/11…through the footage of random people…it is so sad. I can’t believe it still. :frowning: Praying that this will never happen again. Praying for all those who lost family and friends that day. *


I think this year for me I focused on the incredible giving actions of some non emergency personnel. Like the tug boat and ferry boat crews who helped the evacuating people escape or transported the injured. Sometimes we rise to the occasion in times of crisis. Thanks and appreciation to all those folk.And to those who volunteered in the days after to man rescue and recovery.


*Hi Seatuck–you’re right, come to think of it, I noticed that moreso this year than maybe in recent past documentaries of this day. Really extraordinary efforts. I also noticed a bit more the stories of those who were not in the buildings, but SHOULD have been, and maybe something delayed them…or they walked outside to get a coffee, and I picture myself in their shoes, and the awe I would feel in knowing that I could have been one of the people who died. An unforgettable day.

I joined my company two years after that happened…and I worked with a woman, who was out of our NY office, and she worked for one of our competitors that took up several floors in the twin towers. She told me that she had a business trip that day, and that is why she wasn’t there. She said she had been seeing a therapist…it’s called…survivor syndrome, something like this, can’t recall now. But, I’ll never forget the pain on her face telling me that story. *


Those stories are so profound. It can be quite a journey to deal with surviving an event such as this. DH is a police officer who volunteered a couple of days after the attacks. His department did not choose to send paid officers so they had to go on their own time.I think they made a mistake. It was demoralizing and very difficult on the men and women to not go. They felt compelled to go. He would come home covered in ash. There was ash in his car .We didn’t know what to do with the ash. This could have been someone’s cremains. Our priest said we could wash the clothes. We contemplated burying them at a nearby cemetery though.Just to be safe. Who thinks of this stuff if you don’t know someone who went through a personal experience?
Then there was the waiting time for funerals as the Catholic Churches on Long Island were so overburdened with victims from their congregations. Imagine being on a list for a funeral? But that’s what happened.


Please also remember those soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and other various contractors that are still over there dying for the atrocities of 9/11…


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