Let's Talk About All Souls Day!

This is a pretty open discussion if you want to stray a little bit here and there and pose a question or comment of your own, but I would like to know Saints you know of that had experiences with souls in purgatory, etc. and what these experiences were. I know that quite a lot of saints did.


St Faustina. As a modern mystic and Saint.

On the way into work I generally listen to Catholic Radio. This morning it was mentioned that today is “our feast day”. The point is we have a soul, soul is part of All Souls Day.

So what cha think?



That’s what my mother always said. All Saints’ Day is for all the Saints, meaning honoring everybody in Heaven.

All Souls’ Day is for everybody with a soul, which includes poor souls in Purgatory, and us here on earth. Mom always stressed that it included us.


in Mass yesterday , my Riest said we are praying for and rememboring the souls of the faithful departed in Purgatory.

i had not paid attention to the words
’faithful departed’ before.

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Ok, but details. The story is in the details! :angel:

True, but it seems its primarily for souls in purgatory. It has a more specific meaning that way and reminds us to pray for the dead.

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on an iphone atm. if noone else does, i will cut n paste this evening.

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I think all souls day should be more significant in the Church. Last year we had a little ‘display’ of sorts in the sanctuary- relics, candles, book for departed souls, etc. That was cool. But it’s absent this year.

Not a Saint, but I read this last week and thought you might find it interesting.
It is private revelation, but the parts about St Michael coming to get the souls who were going to leave Purgatory was pretty cool, I thought.


I thought there was a part in Story of a Soul where Saint Therese had some dream of a sister in purgatory, but it was probably Saint Fausstina.

No, St Therese had such a dream, it’s in this article.
Her teaching on Purgatory is very interesting.

Oh good, thanks for finding it. I was trying to find it perusing through my audio book but found it rather challenging…is it in the article? I’m skimming through it and did not see such a mention.

(ADD’ers have a tendency to skim. :thinking: )

Yes it’s there, look for the part on Sister Febronia

ok, i see it…I’d like to to read the text directly. Maybe I can find it.

“After Sr. Febronie died in a flu epidemic, Therese dreamed the sister was suffering in Purgatory. She had indeed received the justice she had expected.” - from the article

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Here is a more detailed account, in any case:

Once St. Therese had a confrontation regarding this topic with Sr. Marie Febronia, who not only was sixty-seven years old but also was sub-prioress. She had heard that St. Therese encouraged the novices to believe that they could go straight to heaven. She did not like this as she considered this kind of confidence presumptuous, and thus she reproached St Therese. St Therese tried lovingly and calmly to explain to Sr. Febronia her point of view but with no success as Sr. Febronia clung to belief. For St. Therese God was more Father than Judge, and she took the liberty of finally responding, “My sister, if you look for the justice of God you will get it. The soul will receive from God exactly what she desires.”

The year had not passed when, in January 1892, Sr. M. Febronia together with other sisters fell prey to the flu and died. Three months later Sr. Therese had a dream which she related to her Mother Prioress and which was then documented: “O my Mother, my Sr. M Febronia came to me last night and asked that we should pray for her. She is in Purgatory, surely because she had trusted too little in the mercy of the good Lord. Through her imploring behavior and her profound looks, it seemed she wanted to say, You were right. I am now delivered up to the full justice of God but it is my fault. If I had listened to you I would not be here now.”12

(I still did not locate the direct reference yet, however. Perhaps a bit OCD of me. I’ll look for it later.)

The best stories that I can think of at the moment come from:

Padre Pio and Saint Faustina. There is also one from Saint Gemma.

Did anyone go to daily mass today? Was there a homily on purgatory?

Yup. We had a Solemn Mass for the Poor Souls and a homily on purgatory. Father talked about how important it is to pray for the poor souls since they can’t merit grace themselves after death, offer sacrifices and communions for them, etc.

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Yes and yes…whole homily was on how people don’t believe in Purgatory or indulgences nowadays. I guess CAF is the exception :slight_smile:

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