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Why did most Mormons give up belief in the Adam-God doctrine? If polygamy is necessary for exaltation, why doesn’t the mainstream LDS church practice it in secret if they have to? If Mormon missionaries are telling me that they believe the Book of Mormon by the power of the Holy Ghost, how can the Holy Ghost be telling them if it’s truth, when Mormons if I recall correctly, don’t believe that the Holy Ghost can be in more than one place at one time? If God the father was once a man, like human like we are, is it part of Mormon scripture, about how he lived and died? If not, why not? Since, God is finite in Mormonism why should we worship this God, and not all the gods? Why doesn’t the mainstream LDS church practice the law of consecration? Why don’t Mormons believe that God can forgive all sins through the blood of Jesus Christ? This is called the doctrine of blood atonement, why do they not believe Jesus is blood is good enough to forgive all sins? I’m aware I basically asked the same question twice there’s a reason for that. Why should I believe that the Salt Lake City Mormons are the true church, and not the ones in Independence, Missouri like Temple lot? Or the FLDS out west? Why don’t most Mormons follow descendants of Joseph Smith? These are just a few questions I have, and if anyone has any more go ahead and add them. I want this to be an in-depth discussion.


Wow, I asked this question to the missionaries recently. They said that the Holy Ghost confirmed to them that the LDS church lead by Monson, their modern day prophet, is true. They told me not to take their word for it but to pray and ask God to confirm it… not the answer I was expecting but it was an answer nonetheless.


Indeed it is, that does not mean it’s a good answer. But you’re right it is an answer. I think we make a huge mistake when we base truth on emotions and emotions alone, I know my feelings have been wrong multiple times. You know, the odd thing is that Joseph Smith boasted that he was able to keep the Church of Christ together, something that not even Jesus could do. I mean that is, according to Smith.


They do. Those who go to the temple make covenants to live it.


Because prophets like Spencer W. Kimball said it was nonsense. So if two prophets disagree with each other on scripture, are they both prophets?


Because God has not revealed it to them. He currently forbids it.


You’ve asked a lot of good questions. I wish I was going to be around to discuss but I’m going to be rather thin for the next few days. I have about a hundred more questions for the Mormons that I would love to ask but they haven’t even answered the few that I’ve already asked.


I always wondered, if polygamy is required, where are all these women coming from?


Yeah, I would imagine that in fundamentalist Mormonism, that there is a huge gender imbalance. In fact, I know there’s a huge gender imbalance in fundamentalist Mormonism which is why a lot of fundamentalist Mormon groups, allow brother sister incest. That, I do not know if was ever mainstream in Mormonism. Then again, Mormonism itself is not a mainstream religion.


I don’t think there’s an imbalance in the Mormon church.


Yes, I don’t think there is either right now but I could see how polygamy could lead to one, because if I recall correctly men may have a ton of wives, I know Brigham Young had a lot, but women could only have one husband. Of course, if this is what Mormons want to believe, they’re free to do so, I’m just trying to make sure I have my views right because I know I hate it when people say Catholics do things we don’t or believe things we don’t. I’m a little curious what Mormons think about Jehovah’s Witnesses, I would love to see a meeting between the two.


Not so. Joseph also practiced polyandry as well. I believe Brigham did, too. We call that adultery.


I didn’t mean Brigham Young exclusively, I just remembered he had a huge amount of wives.


And you’re right, we do call it adultery!


You do not know what I believe — truly believe - not the continued garbage the Former or Never Mormons always bring up to advance their agenda.

I will sincerely answer questions about what I believe that is true ---- not this garbage.


Good to know that you agree their behavior was garbage.


Sincere question. Why are women unable to receive exultation on their own?


Adam and Eve is the best answer. Adam was not to be alone nor was Eve.

Now, if after all one could do to become married, if not successful, they can receive exaltation — the lack of another not wanting to marry them is not held against any woman or man, for that matter.


My understanding is the only way a woman can reach the highest level of LDS eternity is to be married to a man who meets the criteria. That a woman can not, on her own accord, get there even if she is married.


She can on her own, in the case of her husband who is not a member of the church and has no interest in becoming one, so if she lives properly otherwise, exaltation can occur.

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