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Actually for deceased women they maybe sealed to both their husbands. JS actually taught polyandry not just poligamy as some people believe. He offered his wife another husband then told her she didn’t have too that it was just a test like Abraham and issac.


There is really only one Christ people just have a different perspective of him. That does not mean they are entirely wrong they just lack a fullness but how many of us really have a full view of who and what He is, was and will be? Even the apostles closest to Him failed to understand Him fully.


Good point. I’m more referring to the fact that there are many, even Christians who are greatly deceived by strong delusions these days. This doesn’t mean they are damned, many are ignorant., which is why I truly have sympathy for Muslims and others etc,. It’s usually feeling and false convictions that can keep someone there too. I’ve literally thought that we were still under the sabbath in the past and experienced extreme convictions about it. When I first started leaving that false belief, it hunted me down. Perfect example of a completely false belief, yet the devil and our minds can attack the heart with false convictions and feelings. I do believe Christ wraps in His arms those who are truly seeking the Lord in ignorance and misunderstanding.


Ignorance may appear as Bliss but is still ignorance. When one does not recognize how far from God they are they place little effort in trying to gain greater knowledge.


Women who are still alive can be sealed to multiple men. I have seen it myself when I worked in the Los Angeles temple. The Church doesn’t talk about it much, but they do it.


Have you left the church or what is your current relationship to it. I didn’t know that they did that while alive. I know they do for time sealing but do they also do eternity sealings? I know when I was a missionary I was allowed to stand with my companion in the prayer circle because there were not enough men. I thought that was really cool because we were for all intents and purposes a couple. Just not married. I went back and reread the proclamation on the family and was surprised at what is says and does not say. It is first about the family and has nothing to say about couples also they define male and female seperate from gender before the world defined it as seperate. It has always been interesting that Tom boy girls although scolded is no longer publicly shamed the same way as men who feel feminine. The churches stand is so interesting because they allow the one but prohibit family making between members of the same sex where in reality biologically family making is really only possible between a man and woman. And in order for that to change another human of the opposite sex must be introduced in someway. Anyway this already got too long winded.


I left the Church about 4 years ago when I learned that it was a total hoax.

If a non-member woman becomes a widow, then joins the church and is sealed to a man, she can then have the work for her deceased husband done in the temple and then be sealed to him as well. It’s not very common, but it is true that a woman can be sealed to more than one man.


Thanks for sharing. I love your name on this board. The Laminates in the Book of Mormon turn out to the good Guys in the end. I believe that is true. The self righteous or those who believe they have the signs and tokens will fall if they don’t repents change. I got kicked off a Mormon forum because I pointed out truth found in their own book of scriptures. God bless you.


You must have a different standard than most for “good guys.” The Book of Mormon “in the end” tells us:

“…and I make not myself known to the Lamanites lest they should destroy me. For behold, their wars are exceedingly fierce among themselves; and because of their hatred they put to death every Nephite that will not deny the Christ. And I, Moroni, will not deny the Christ; wherefore, I wander whithersoever I can for the safety of mine own life.”

Doesn’t sound like good guys to me.


None of that really matters. There was no Laman or Lemuel. There were no Lamanites. That was all made up. The church taught for many decades that the American Indians were Lamanites. Now we know through DNA that they came from Asia. There’s no Hebrew DNA in the American Indians. It’s all part of the Grand hoax probably inspired by View of the Hebrews.


I see. How very typical. You make a demonstrably false claim and when I point it out you just note that it’s irrelevant because it was a fiction in the first place. That’s called playing both sides of the street.


I was not the one who made that claim. I am only playing one side. The true side.


Remember you are on a Catholic forum.


I must have missed something.


Responding to the questioner as too why members of the LDS church I’m Utah follow the line if Prophets from Joseph Smith through Brigham Young instead of the Son of Joseph Smith. Ad a member I can explain. The line of Prophets through out the Old Testimony was passed from one to another as selected by God himself and passed down by the current living man annointed as prophet to anoint the next. In the case of Joseph Smith, he was murdered before anointing the next Prophet. That was left to the remaining leaders known as the twelve Apostles, who chose Brigham Young. Some believed the position should desend to the oldest loving son. Those who protested the Anointing of Brigham Young, left the Church and firmed "The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In recent years that church faced a crisis because the Prophet of their church had no make children, leaving the church leaderless . They have never prospered in membership as well. Their membership has never exceeded a few hundred thousand members , while the Church of today which followed Brigham Young to Salt Lake City Utah, numbers world wide in numbers of over six million. Prophets in the Bible didn’t suceed their position to their children. Kings yes. Prophets no. Interestingly the two sects ofreasons the world’s Muslims share a similar problem for identical reasons !


God didn’t select your church’s “prophets.” One dies and another decides he is next.


I don’t think so. I think he was the one who missed something.


It’s actually even a little simpler than that. Nobody decides. The decision is already made. Whoever is the most senior apostle automatically becomes the next president. That’s as it has always been. Hyrum Smith, Joseph’s brother would have been next. But since Hyrum was also killed, it went to BY. I believe that he was the next in seniority. Not positive about it, though.

As of today, if President Monson were to pass away, Russell Nelson would be the next president. The top three all have a lot of mileage on them so I think there’s going to be some rapid changes over the next few years.


This is simply not true. If it were then humans would have no free will. We are free to choose good or evil. Those choices come with consequences, which are usually the natural result of those choices. God does not intervene in most cases because we have free will, and the consequences are the natural results of our own actions.


Free will is still possible even if there is a sense of a universal consciousness that people can or don’t connect with.

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