Let's talk about positive things about our husbands!

There are so many threads with negative stuff about husbands… it gets depressing. I know there are wonderful men out there! So let’s praise our guys.

A couple of sweet things my husband has done lately:

April 14 is the anniversary of the day we became a couple. This year made 15 years that we have been together. Usually we celebrate the day in a simple, small way. This year, though, it kind of snuck up on us, and life was so hectic at that time… I remembered but did not plan anything. I was in the shower before work that day, and he peeks his head in with a sheepish smile and says, “Thank you.” And I said, “For what?” And he said, “The last 15 years.” sigh A heart melter…

Around the same time, I started riding a little 80cc scooter to save gas. I had complained about the sun, as I was heading west between 5 and 6 p.m. So I come home that night and find in the garage a piece of cardboard with boxes drawn on it. In each box, something to help me on the scooter. One had “daytime glasses” and one had “night glasses.” There was also a little tool kit. All of this was from his motorcycle stuff that he has collected over the years. Each was labelled and at the bottom was a little love note. I was so touched at his caretaking of me. :slight_smile:

He’s a great dad and never complains about helping with housework when the baby decided to nurse or fuss all day. I am blessed to have him.

Awww that is an awesome idea!! I am sure there will be many contributors!

My DH is gorgeous of course ( haha I put his looks first! that sounds bad! )

He helps out around the house a lot and likes thing even cleaner than I do.

He loves me and loves spending time with me, above spending time with anyone else.

He is responsible with finances and employment.

He isn’t a Catholic but he respects my faith and comes with me to mass.

And sooo many other awesome things!!

Let’s hear yours!

My husband is handsome and sweet.

He knows how to make me laugh when I need it.

He’s a great dad.

He makes me feel pretty. He loves my cooking, and let’s me know it.

He is a good Catholic guy.

He is my best friend.

He’s very intelligent.

Does an awesome “John Travolta” Saturday night fever dance.

He is a saint, because he puts up with me!

My husband is handsome and sexy.
He makes me feel beautiful.
He does his share of the housework and cooking, and thanks me for doing my share.
He’s been completely supportive of my current educational endeavors (and brought me roses when I passed my exam for candidacy).
He gets along well with my parents and friends.
He chooses good friends.
He’s hardworking, honest, and loyal.
He’s a science nerd with a weird sense of humor, which means that he understands my science nerdiness and equally weird sense of humor.
He doesn’t put any blame on me for our infertility.
He’s not a Catholic but has fully supported my Catholic faith and practice from day one.

He’s a keeper. :slight_smile:

hmmm. . . where do I start.:hmmm:

He is very handsome, especially with how hard work in sun, rain, and cold has given character to his face.

He is great with the girls, taking them along on most every errand.

He has been right by my side through every hardship . . . more later

My husband was the first man I met who challenged my mind as well as touching my heart.

He is always helping me to become a better person.

He lets me win our daily puzzle challenge almost every morning.

He’s very handsome and takes pride in his appearance.

He has always worked hard at his jobs, and has even sacrificed his own personal time because of his strong work ethic.

He doesn’t hesitate to reframe situations so that I can appreciate the other perspective.

He earnestly listens to my daily summary of what is new with my on-line friends.

When he talks about me to his friends or co-workers, it is always in a positive light. I’ve heard some of what he says and it’s so complimentary I would never recognize that he was talking about me!

He experienced a terrible childhood but made a decision to become a wonderful adult. I really admire that about him. :heart:


He has blossomed into exactly the kind of man I always wanted to marry.

We’ve had more than our share of rough spots, but he never gave up on me.

He’s a wonderful husband and father, as well as spiritual leader for our family.

He pampers me all the time by doing extra chores around the house.

He’s completely faithful to me, and treats me like a queen.

He may not be perfect, but I’m far from it myself, and he puts up with me.

We have the same dreams and goals for our lives.

I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else as we come up on our 14th anniversary of being together. :heart:

My DH bought a 6 pack of bagels and gave me all the poppyseed ones since he knows they’re my favorite :slight_smile:
My DH is a fantastic Daddy already even though our LO isn’t born yet! He is always talking to my belly and tells me about all the things he wants to do with our kiddo once he’s born.
My DH is so easy going- he has a very calming effect on me. He never gets mad or loses his temper.
DH takes care of me when I’m feeling low, he is very kind and affectionate with me even when I’m being hormonal and not so fun to be around
DH ties my shoes for me cause I can’t reach my feet anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
My DH is not a Catholic but he totally respects my religious choices and encourages me to explore Catholocism if that’s what I want (right now I’m an Anglican still, interested in making the switch to Catholic but not sure yet)

Right now, mine is alive, and after this past winter/ early spring, that is enough for me.

That, and because he was in a coma, he lost a lot of weight, and is really cute now. :rolleyes:

aw whatta sweetie!

My husband is a really honest, good hearted man. My sister told me recently that she thinks he ‘is the most grounded person she knows.’ I would totally agree with her. I am more high strung…he is always the calmer…‘Sharon, there’s a reason this is happening…’ Yeah so? I reply. ha:p

Today, he baked our dd her birthday cake, because he had the day off…and he will be working on her birthday, which is this Thursday…so, I thought that was very sweet.

I would say that over the years, he has grown into a very good listener…he wasn’t always that way, but I guess my nagging paid off!:eek: No, seriously, I am grateful for him, and he is also in love with the Lord…what more could a woman ask for?:love:

It struck me where you said he may not be perfect…and he puts up with me…that is really so well put. I wasn’t always a loving wife, sad to say that. I was very selfish earlier in our marriage, and even initiated a separation. I still get so sad when I think of the anguish I put him through back then:( , but he forgave me…he forgave me - he helped me to overcome my fears of marriage, etc…and when I think about how he did all that to uphold the dignity of our marriage, and to please God, I just sometimes can’t believe it. It is a huge thing for a person to love another, despite his/her flaws…I like that you stated that! I truly believe God gave my husband to me to lead me closer to Him!!

My DH is very sweet
super helpful
supportive of all that I want to do
is a great father
a hard worker
and I love him very much.

Are we married to the same guy? :stuck_out_tongue: Same thing here–only I actually divorced him. :rolleyes: But like I said, he never gave up, and now we are the most happily (re)married people we know. :smiley: All it took was some God in our lives, and everything’s different–for the better! Now we know what marriage is supposed to be. It’s SO different than how we lived before, we’ve both said it’s like being married to a different person this time around. If you let Him, God can and will change you. Our marriage has been living proof of that.

are you serious?? :smiley: you divorced and remarried each other–that is adorable.:o I look at moments like that in life (like also not divorcing my husband and recommiting) as God pulling us out of the pit of sin (and by sin I mean at least for me, that abandoning my marriage for no really ‘good’ reason was just plain wrong)…literally, swooping down and pulling us out. What a great testimony of faith!

My husband is the best friend I could ever have… the only one I share my truest self with, the only one I TRUST!

My feelings, my thoughts, my opinions, my capabilities, my shortcomings, my quirks are all safe with him!

He loves the person I was, the person I have become and looks forward to meeting the person I will someday be.

He’s an awesome father, son, brother, friend, uncle, instructor, co-worker… a true gentleman in every sense of the word, yet fun-loving and always eager to enjoy the little things in life.

He’s a devout Catholic, always has been, and is an inspiration to me and our son. He’s strong and gentle, smart and humble, handsome and modest, funny and sincere. He’s hard-working, takes pride in his work, and everyone has a good word about him.

He loves my family, treats them with respect and honor, and always goes the extra mile without being asked.

Every day we have together is the best day of our lives. He’ll call me up just to tell me he saw a gorgeous sunset on the way home, or that he heard my favorite song on the radio and it made him want to hear my voice, he calls me beautiful, brags about me to his friends, says he loves me every single day, says a prayer for me every time he passes the church.

He cleans MY cats’ litter box… and he HATES cats!

I don’t know what I did to deserve a man like him, but every day I thank God for him!

I am single, never been married; but I enjoyed reading your posts about the things that make your husbands special. You ladies are very blessed – maybe I will be, too, one day.

If I ever feel all alone or worried or down, just knowing I have my husband takes away that feeling immediately. He is absolutely my best friend and partner. Because I know I can always count on him, I try my best to let him know he can always count on me, same with our kids. He is the best dad in the world as well, and is really nice to the dogs.

I feel so blessed to be his wife and daily in my prayers ask God to help me be the best wife to him.

My husband shows his love for me by doing little things for me that I could/should be able to do for myself. Like…
Fill my car with gas when I am on empty and didn’t fill up on my way home (he will go out after dinner so I don’t have to do it in the morning.)
He will get up out of bed and get me a drink of water even though he had just stated that "he had found the perfect sleeping position"
As I was reading CF, just before I started to post, he gave me a 5 minute shoulder rub
Anytime he gets up to get something, he always asks if I need anything
He lets me pick where we will eat (I always make sure to pick a place he likes)
When I have had a busy/crazy day, he will cook dinner and clean up the dishes

These are just some of the many little reasons that I love my husband and how I know he loves me :thumbsup:

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