Let's talk about Star Wars!

Ok, so I saw a posting about collections and it got me to thinking that I’d like to talk about my love of Star Wars. I hope others here can share in that, because I love that galaxy far, far away. I watch the movies all the time (yes even the prequel trilogy–PT), I read the books, I watch the Clone Wars animated series…I’m absorb as much as I can. What about you guys?

I love Star Wars too. I saw the Empire Strikes Back in the cinema 47 times. Course I was a kid back then…maybe 11 years old…and that movie stayed in the theaters for over a year. So every weekend I went to watch it.

And I had this awesome collection of stuff. I used to collect the trading cards and one night I counted them all. 1840 cards. Then i had to move to another state, so my mother said I had to throw them away. That there was not room to take them with me. I would be rich today if i still had those cards. I think a pack of 10 is worth 75-100 dollars. I had so many other things too. Every action figure, every book…so much stuff. All thrown away. I am kicking myself now.

Yes…Always loved Star Wars! Star Trek is better, but we won’t get into that :smiley:

I wanna know why Harrison Ford is the only actor from Star Wars who really went on to other things. I’m not counting the newer prequels because those guys all had big careers before those came out. Except the guy who played Jar Jar. ughh. What were they thinking?

I’ve heard that Harrison Ford didn’t even LIKE being in the Star Wars movies. He considers them an embarrassment of sorts. This is hearsay though.

Anyways, I love Star Wars. The movies, of course, but I also like some of the comic books. Fun stuff!

I always wondered why Harrison made it and the others did not…i guess Mark Hamill was so typecast as Luke Skywalker…that no one could really see him in anything else.

I read somewhere that George Lucas gave each of them a million dollars after the movies came out in the theater again when they added those extra scenes. I guess he felt bad for the typecast too.

Oh, and Jar Jar grated on my nerves too. I don’t think its the character so much as the voice of the character. If they had given him a different sound, he would have been easier to stomach.

I did love hayden Christenson as Anakin and Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan. Good casting there


And you cannot go wrong with Natalie Portman :smiley:

Although she did seem to succumb to the Hollywood scene a little and do some seriously bad movies.

Jar Jar…meesa gonna puke.

HAHAHAHA! Too funny. the only thing that bugged me about Natalie’s character as Padme is that in the last movie, she seemed little more than “window dressing”. Always at home wearing glamorous outfits, wringing her hands and waiting for Anikin to come home. Did not seem like she had much to do in the film. She was great in the role though.

And Yoda…he was one mad muppet in those films, no? Such a far cry from the elderly Yoda who walked with his cane in Empire Strikes Back.

Did you ever see Weird Al Yankovic’s tribute to the Star Wars saga?


LOL! I busted up laughing seeing the emperor at the piano! Hilarious. :thumbsup:

As a child of the 80’s, I was a massive Star Wars geek, as an adult today, I big time regret telling my Mom to get rid of all my Star Wars toys :eek:

I remember going to see Empire by myself only to leave because I was scared, IIRC, I was 7 or 8 at the time.

As far as the prequels go, the last one was the best. I remember sitting in the theater just soaking in what I saw with the transformation of Anakin to Darth Vader and like father like son, my 10 year is a massive Star Wars geek :D.

Some of the best memories I have with my Dad surround Star Wars. I remember when we left the theatre after seeing Episode 4 for the very first time, he said “don’t ever forget this, because this film will change everything”. He was SO right. Then, he told me about the theming in the film, about the scene where Luke returns to his Aunt and Uncle’s home to find them dead as being a direct lift from John Wayne’s The Searchers. I remember playing cards with him while we waited in line to see Empire.

I also remember the Christmas that I unwrapped the first VHS copy of Star Wars and I was SO excited. I hadn’t even opened the family present of the VCR yet, all I knew was that my Dad had given me my own copy of the greatest movie of all time. (i still have that copy on my shelf) It is only fitting that the last Christmas present he gave me was the Star Wars BluRay set.

Aww…thats a sweet story. i dont think I have seen any of the star wars films with either of my parents. They were so disinterested.

That’s a cool story. Question for you in the BluRay set, did George Lucas really go to town in making further alterations to the movies or is that all BS?

Do you know what I love more than Star Wars and the Catholic Faith?

It’s when someone puts them together!:D:D:D:D:

Star Wars and the History of Vatican II

…You are all welcome :thankyou:

Just read it…never would have thought the two could be so similar. Awesome.

Very interesting indeed. I love the replies so far. This has been exactly what I was hoping for for this thread. I am, unfortunately, I fairly latecomer to SW and the GFFA. I never had the opportunity to see any of the OT in the theatre (I was too young and my parents didn’t take me). My parents were never interested in real movies much, so didn’t go to the theatres much. My sister (a teen at the time) was simply interested in watching whatever my parents didn’t want her to. However, once I found friends (my now DW) that had a love for SW and I had a chance to see what treasures they were, I was hooked. Thankfully, I did become a fan prior to the release of the PT in the theatre, so I saw all of them there. I love that set of stories, as I said. And it is likely my favorite passtime!

Most of the changes were cosmetic, changes to long shots to add more creatures to the Episode 4 Tatooine scenes, a couple of additional scenes to the end of Return of the Jedi to make a larger celebratory feeling…stuff like that.

The one that had everyone up in arms was Darth Vader yelling “NOOOOOOOO” when the Emperor was attacking Luke at the end of Episode 6. The other was adding the Hayden Christiansen Anakin to the Blue Screen shot at the end of Episode 6 where Yoda and Ben appear to Luke after the war ends. I can follow the reason for adding the version of Anakin before he turned into Vader-it makes sense. The “NOOOOO” thing startled me a little, but it’s not a real issue for me.

The only change in the last few versions that has bothered me was having Greedo shoot first, everyone who knows anything about the Solo character knows that he would have never let a creep like Greedo get off the first shot. :smiley:

I love star wars !!!

But i hated episode 3

I thought about editing my username. I see you have included jedi in yours. :slight_smile: For me, it depends on what sense of “hate” you are using. If you are referring to Anakin finally becoming Vader…I hated that. Seeing that he was manipulated in such a way (allowing himself) was quite tragic. Also, Seeing the dispersion and murder of so many Jedi and the end of democracy was terrible. I was left with an empty feeling after that movie. However, I felt it was beautifully made. So many things actually (I must admit) made me excited. I became practically giddy when Vader’s ventolater was turned on for the first time! Seeing Kashyyyk was also cool. The fight between Obi-Wan and Anakin (that eventually lead to Vader as we know him) was also really exciting.

So, again, depending on the sense with which you meant that…I can relate.

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